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View Askew Productions
Type Film/television production company
Genre Comedy
Founded 1994
Founder(s) Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
Headquarters , United States
Key people Kevin Smith
Scott Mosier
Industry Television series, motion pictures

View Askew Productions is an American film and television production company founded by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier in 1994. Actors Ben Affleck, Jeff Anderson, Matt Damon, Walter Flanagan, Bryan Johnson, Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, Brian O'Halloran and Smith himself are just some of the stars that frequently appear in projects under the View Askew banner.



Smith and Mosier founded the company in 1994 and to produce their first film, Clerks, which was the first film in what is now known as the View Askewniverse. After the film became a success View Askew obtained a larger budget and produced Mallrats in 1995, which was a critical and commercial failure. This film was soon followed by Chasing Amy in 1997, and Dogma in 1999.

Beginning the new millennium View Askew briefly produced Clerks: The Animated Series, an animated series based on Clerks. They later released Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, which starred Smith and old friend Jason Mewes as their characters originated in Clerks and appear in most View Askew and View Askewniverse related material, Jay and Silent Bob. This film was later followed by the first non-Askewniverse film, Jersey Girl. Although it was the first film not set within the previously established View Askewniverse, it did feature many of Smith's frequent cast members.

Two years after Jersey Girl, View Askew released Clerks II, the first true sequel to a previous Smith film. This film features the main characters of the film Clerks continuing ten years later. This film was also recently followed by the second film not to take place within the View Askewniverse, the controversial, Zack and Miri Make a Porno.

The company has also released several of Smith's non-fiction works, such as his three question and answer DVDs, An Evening With Kevin Smith in 2002, An Evening With Kevin Smith 2: Evening Harder in 2006, and Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith in 2008. It has also produced Sucks Less with Kevin Smith, a show which features (at least) three UCLA students who are enrolled in a class about cinematography in which Smith is their teacher.

In addition to the various Smith-directed films, the company has also produced movies for other directors including Malcolm Ingram (Drawing Flies, Small Town Gay Bar), Bryan Johnson (Vulgar), Vincent Pereira (A Better Place), and Brian Lynch (Big Helium Dog).

When not making movies, Kevin Smith and View Askew Productions run a variety of websites such as Quick Stop Entertainment, which was originally called (a fictional website in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) and serves as a home to numerous View Askew related material such as Smith and Mosier's SModcast; News Askew, a news site run by fans Brad Plevyak and Chris Alley; Movies Askew, a View Askew film contest for aspiring filmmakers; My Boring Ass Life, Smith's online blog and the individual websites for all of his movies.

Motion pictures

With one major studio

With Miramax Films

With Gramercy Pictures

With The Weinstein Company

With two major studios

With Miramax Films and Lions Gate Films

With Dimension Films and Buena Vista International

With The Weinstein Company and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Television shows

  • Clerks: The Animated Series (2000) – ABC


The following are film projects announced by View Askew that are in the pre-production phase:

  • Red State - Smith his next project would move in a different direction, and would be a horror film,[1] with Fred Phelps serving as an inspiration.[2] Smith later stated that Bob and Harvey Weinstein have passed on Red State.[3] The Weinsteins had thus far been involved in distribution of all Kevin Smith films.
  • Ranger Danger and the Danger Rangers - What Smith calls "My stab at a comic-book/sci-fi movie. It's in the vein of Flash Gordon, something I've noodled with a couple of years. Now I feel we are mature enough filmmakers to tackle it". In an April 2007 post on his blog, he mentioned that he's "planning something special" for his tenth movie.[4]
  • Clerks: Sell Out - A feature-length animated film done in the style of Clerks: The Animated Series.[5]
  • Untitled Science fiction film - Smith is slated to write and direct a science fiction film set in space. It is rumored that Smith wishes for the budget to be in the $45 to $50 million range. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Smith has already finished the first draft of the script.[6]


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