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Directed by Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni
Starring Madan Deodhar
Alok Rajwade
Mohan Agashe
Sulabha Deshpande
Jyoti Subhash
Running time 135 min.
Country India
Language Marathi

Vihir (Marathi: विहिर)[1] is a Marathi movie directed by Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni which will be released in March 2010 and was featured in Berlin film festival and Rotterdam International Film Festival 2010, Holland.

This is AB Corp Limited's first Marathi film.



A story of two adolescent boys Sameer and Nachiket (cousins who are best friends) standing on the crossroads of life... to choose between the life that leads to petty worldly small existence or the life of free existence that would let them spread their wings and soar high in open skies...

They play a game of hide and seek in a rather unusual way. Where one cousin hides in death and the other is looking for him in the life around him. . . . Samir's search leads him towards the experience of oneness where he can unite with Nachiket again!

The film is, with impeccably beautiful visual style, narrative subtlety with layers of philosophical complexity and yet accessible world for someone situated in other cultures.


  • Sameer: Madan Deodhar
  • Nachiket: Alok Rajwade
  • Ajoba (Grandfather) : Dr. Mohan Agashe
  • Aaji (Grandmother): Jyoti Subhash
  • Bau-Aaji : Sulabha Deshpande
  • Sulabha : Renuka Daftardar
  • Shobha : Ashwini Giri
  • Bhavasha Mama (uncle) : Girish Kulkarni
  • Prabha: Amruta Subhash
  • Seems : Veena Jamkar
  • Tayadi : Parna Pethe
  • Soni: Sharavi Kulkarni
  • Ashu : Aditya Ganu
  • Anshu : Ajinkya Ganu
  • Sameer's Father : Kiran Yatnopavit
  • Nachiket's Father: Abhay Godse
  • Pickpocket: Shrikant Yadav

Selection in Film Festivals

  • Pusan International Film Festival 2009.[2]
  • 8th Pune International Film Festival, Pune, India
  • Kerala International Film Festival 2009
  • Berlin International Film Festival 2010 [3]
  • Rotterdam International Film Festival 2010

Awards and Achievements

  • Best Director: Umesh Kulkarni, Best Cinematographer: Sudhir Palsane (PIFF 2010)
  • Best Sound Design Anthony B J Ruban, Best Cinematographer: Sudhir Palsane (Zee gaurav Awards 2010)



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