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Vikrant Sandal is an Indian entrepreneur and social activist.

He was born in Dasua in 1977, a small town in the state of Punjab. He attended the University of Oxford and Saïd Business School.[1] Presently, he is Group Chairman of The Hash Group of Companies,[1] a conglomerate of six companies. The group’s business is spread across several sectors including research in Information technology, Real estate, Media, Trade and Biotechnology.

He is co-chair of the Kanwaljit Sandal Foundation, which has developed a model to eradicate malnutrition, hunger, poverty and unemployment and to encourage education amongst underprivileged individuals/marginal farmers at a grassroots level, worldwide. This model utilises the cultivation of Spirulina (declared by the United Nations World Food Conference of 1974 as possibly the best food for the future) through its unique self-sustainable “Micro Entrepreneurship Development Program” to achieve the above stated goals.

Mr. Vikrant Sandal is a member of the Diplomatic Corp within IIMSAM[2]. He is “The principal adviser (South Asia) to the Director General”. In this capacity, he advocates to government's, to incorporate Spirulina in their sustainable development agenda's; in securing their United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals.

The Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro‐algae Spirulina Against Malnutrition (IIMSAM), an intergovernmental organisation that is a permanent intergovernmental observer with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, has appointed Hash Group as its Official Working Partner and Technology Facilitator.[2] In association with KSF and IIMSAM[3] the Hash Group is working on implementation of the KSF model to eradicate malnutrition, hunger, poverty & unemployment in developing and underdeveloped countries to secure the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of The United Nations.

The Hash Group is working towards the implementation of the Rome Declaration on World food security 1996 which confirmed the right to every individual to have access to safe and nutritious food, the right to adequate food and the fundamental right of everyone to be free from hunger.[4] This is initially to be implemented in Nepal[1][5] and rolled out across Asia over the next few years.

Many famous names are already engaged in this vision; Mama Sarah Obama (grandmother of President Barack Obama) is currently Goodwill Ambassador of IIMSAM in Africa,[6][7] Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt is also a goodwill ambassador,[8] as is footballer Diego Maradona.[9]

IIMSAM aims to utilise Spirulina as a food-fortification tool to eradicate malnutrition amongst children in their infancy. However, the condition of global malnutrition shall diminish over the next few years with the development of similar projects.[6]


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