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A Villa Holiday is a type of holiday or vacation where holiday makers choose to stay in primarily self-catered, private accommodation instead of a hotel. In addition, the term villa indicates that the holiday is taken in a warm climate and in a country location.

Villa holidays are a holiday option allowing holiday makers to be in lesser populated areas, with a greater amount of privacy, where a hotel operator would not consider building a hotel.

Villa holidays are usually independently put together, so flights and accommodation are arranged separately. Also a car hire will need to be booked separately as usually villas out of town locations require private transportation.


Villa holidays are very popular in Europe, and main destinations include Spain, France, Greece, and Turkey.

Similar holidays made in the UK are usually referred to as 'Cottage holidays' due to the nature of accommodation.

Types of accommodation

Villa holidays will usually occur in privately owned Holiday homes, so the variety of accommodation is broad and inconsistent. There are common properties holiday makers will look for in a villa holiday, some of which are:

  • Private swimming pool
  • BBQ
  • Maid service


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