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Vindelns kommun
Vindeln vapen.svg
Coat of arms
County Västerbotten County
Province Västerbotten
Seat Vindeln
Vindeln Municipality in Västerbotten County.png
 • Total
271st of 290
5,613 inhabitants[1]
 • Total area
 • Land area
 • Water area
33rd of 290
2,867.06 km² (1,106.98 sq mi)[2]
2,650.66 km² (1,023.43 sq mi)[2]
216.40 km² (83.55 sq mi)[2]
 • Total
269th of 290
2.12 inh/km² (5.48 inh/sq mi)
Municipal code 2404[3]
Density is calculated using land area only

Vindeln Municipality (Swedish: Vindelns kommun) is a municipality in Västerbotten County in northern Sweden. Its seat is located in Vindeln.



In 1971 a local government reform was implemented in Sweden. This municipality was, however, not amalgamated with any other. But in preparation for the reform the name was changed in 1969 from Degerfors Municipality to Vindeln Municipality. The reason was that there is another Degerfors Municipality (in Örebro County), and every municipality in Sweden should have a unique name.


The Vindel River, which is the main tributary of the Ume River, runs through the municipality and has given it its name. The municipality's coat of arms depicts a salmon, of which there is plenty in the river.


There are five localities (or urban areas) in Vindeln Municipality:[4]

# Locality Population
1 Vindeln 2,356
2 Hällnäs 309
3 Tvärålund 271
4 Granö 261
5 Åmsele 201

The municipal seat in bold


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