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Virgin Territory

Theatrical release poster
Directed by David Leland
Written by Giovanni Boccaccio (Book)
David Leland
Starring Hayden Christensen
Mischa Barton
Tim Roth
Music by Ilan Eshkeri
Distributed by The Weinstein Company
Release date(s) July 23, 2008 (France)
Running time 93 min
Country United States
Language English

Virgin Territory is a 2007 romantic comedy film based upon Giovanni Boccaccio's Decameron. It has also been known under the working titles "The Decameron," "Angels and Virgins", "Guilty Pleasures" and "Chasing Temptation". The film's Italian title "Decameron Pie" pays tribute to both the title of the original source inspiration and to U.S. comedy film "American Pie". The film was released in France in December 12, 2007 under the title "Medieval Pie", and was released directly-to-DVD in the U.S. in August 2008.


The film is set in Tuscany during the Black Death. As in the Decameron, ten young Florentines take refuge from the plague. But instead of telling stories, they have lusty adventures, bawdy exchanges, romance and swordplay. There are randy nuns, Saracen pirates, and a sexy cow.

The Florentines are set to go to a villa that belonged to Pampinea's father to attend her wedding with Count Dzerzhinsky. Pampinea escapes to a convent to get away from everything that is going on and retain her chastity. At the convent she meets with Lorenzo who thinks Pampinea to be the most beautiful but is unaware that she is there. Pampinea kisses Lorenzo blindfolded and he falls in love with her. Pampinea sets out to the villa where she is to get married to Gerbino after he tricked her into believing that it was her father's wish to marry him. The priest marries them but then comes Count Dzerzhinsky to stop the wedding because he is the one who is supposed to marry Pampinea. Believing that Pampinea is Elissa he fights Gerbino and knocks his sword out of his hand. Then Lorenzo convinces the Count to let him fight Gerbino by the well. (Earlier on in the movie we learn that Gerbino is afraid of heights when Pampinea was leaning over the well). While Lorenzo and Gerbino are sword fighting, Gerbino falls into the well and dies. Pampinea ends up with Lorenzo after he finds out that it was she who gave him the kiss and they live happily ever after. (It turns out that the priest was not a real one to begin with). The Count is with Elissa in the end as well.


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