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Virginia House of Delegates
Virginia General Assembly
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Lower house
Speaker William Howell, (R)
since January 8, 2003
Majority Leader Morgan Griffith, (R)
since 2000
Minority Leader Ward Armstrong, (D)
since February 24, 2007
Members 100
Virginia House Composition.png
Political groups      Democratic Party
     Republican Party
Last election November 3, 2009
Meeting place
Virginia State Capitol
Richmond, Virginia
United States

The Virginia House of Delegates is the lower house of the Virginia General Assembly. It has 100 members elected for terms of two years; unlike most states, these elections take place during odd-numbered years. The House is presided over by the Speaker of the House, who is elected from among the House membership by the Delegates. The Speaker is almost always a member of the majority party and, as Speaker, becomes the most powerful member of the House. The House shares legislative power with the Senate of Virginia, the upper house of the Virginia General Assembly. The House of Delegates is the modern-day successor to the Virginia House of Burgesses, which first met at Jamestown in 1619. The House is divided into Democratic and Republican caucuses. In addition to the Speaker, there is a majority leader, majority caucus chair, minority leader, minority caucus chair, and the chairs of the several committees of the House. Through the House of Burgesses, the Virginia House of Delegates is considered the oldest continuous legislative body in the New World.

The House has met in Virginia's Capitol Building, designed by Thomas Jefferson, since 1788. In recent years, the General Assembly members and staff operate from offices in the General Assembly Building, located in Capitol Square.

Republicans took control of the traditionally Democratic House of Delegates for the first time since Reconstruction in 1999 (with the exception of a brief 2 year period in which the Readjuster Party was in the majority in the 1880s).


Salary and qualifications

The annual salary for delegates is $17,640 per year.[1] Each delegate represents roughly 71,000 people.[1] Candidates for office must be at least 21 years of age at the time of the election, residents of the districts they seek to represent, and qualified to vote for General Assembly legislators.[2][3] The regular session of the General Assembly is 60 days long during even numbered years and 30 days long during odd numbered years, unless extended by a two-thirds vote of both houses.[2][4]


Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Republican Ind Democratic Vacant
End of previous legislature 53 2 45 100 0
Begin 59 2 39 100 0
January 13, 2010[5] 38 99 1
March 3, 2010[6] 39 100 0
Latest voting share 61.0% 39.0%

Party control

(The party control table shows the balance of power after each recent general election. The preceding Makeup table includes results of special elections since the last general election.)

Years Democrats Republicans Independents
1998–2000 50 49 1
2000–2002 47 52 1
2002–2004 34 64 2
2004–2006 37 61 2
2006–2008 40 57 3
2008–2010 44 54 2
2010–2012 39 59 2

House leadership

Speaker William J. Howell
Majority Leader Morgan Griffith
Minority Leader Ward Armstrong

Committee chairs and ranking members

The House has 14 standing committees.[7]

Committee Chair Senior Minority Member
Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Harvey Morgan Ken Plum
Appropriations Lacey Putney Bud Phillips
Commerce and Labor Terry Kilgore Ken Plum
Counties, Cities and Towns Riley Ingram
Courts of Justice Dave Albo Joe Johnson
Education Bob Tata Jim Shuler
Finance Harry Purkey Joe Johnson
General Laws Chris Jones Bud Phillips
Health, Welfare and Institutions Bobby Orrock Lionell Spruill
Militia, Police and Public Safety Beverly Sherwood Jim Scott
Privileges and Elections Mark Cole Bud Phillips
Rules Bill Howell Johnny Joannou
Science and Technology Kathy Byron Vivian Watts
Transportation Joe T. May Jeion Ward


The Virginia House of Delegates is up for reelection every two years. The next election cycle is in 2011.

District Name Party Areas Represented First Election
Counties Cities
1 Terry Kilgore
Rep Lee, Scott, Washington (part), Wise (part) 1993
2 Bud Phillips Dem Dickenson, Russell (part), Wise (part) Norton 1989
3 Will Morefield Rep Buchanan, Russell (part), Tazewell (part) 2009
4 Joe Johnson Dem Smyth (part), Washington (part) Bristol 1989
5 Bill Carrico Rep Carroll (part), Grayson, Smyth (part), Wythe (part) Galax 2001
6 Anne B. Crockett-Stark Bland, Giles (part), Pulaski (part), Tazewell (part), Wythe (part) 2005
7 Dave Nutter Montgomery (part), Pulaski (part) Radford 2001
8 Morgan Griffith
Majority Leader
Roanoke (part) Salem 1993
9 Charles Poindexter Floyd, Franklin, Pittsylvania (part) 2007
10 Ward Armstrong
Minority Leader
Dem Carroll (part), Henry (part), Patrick Martinsville (part) 1991
11 Onzlee Ware
Minority Sergeant at Arms
Roanoke (part) Roanoke (part) 2003
12 Jim Shuler Alleghany, Bath, Craig, Giles (part), Montgomery (part) Covington 1993
13 Bob Marshall Rep Loudoun (part), Prince William (part) 1991
14 Danny Marshall Henry (part), Pittsylvania (part) Danville 2001
15 Todd Gilbert Page, Rappahannock, Rockingham (part), Shenandoah 2005
16 Donald Merricks Henry (part), Pittsylvania (part) Martinsville (part) 2007
17 Bill Cleaveland Botetourt (part), Roanoke (part) Roanoke (part) 2009
18 Clay Athey Fauquier (part), Frederick (part), Warren 2001
19 Lacey E. Putney Ind Bedford (part), Botetourt (part) Bedford 1961
20 Richard P. Bell Rep Augusta (part), Highland, Rockingham (part) Staunton 2009
21 Ron Villanueva Virginia Beach (part) 2009
22 Kathy Byron Bedford (part), Campbell 1997
23 Scott Garrett Amherst (part) Lynchburg 2009
24 Ben Cline Amherst (part), Augusta (part), Rockbridge Buena Vista, Lexington 2002
25 Steve Landes Albemarle (part), Augusta (part), Rockingham (part) Waynesboro 1995
26 Matt Lohr Rockingham (part) Harrisonburg 2005
27 Sam Nixon
Majority Caucus Chairman
Chesterfield (part) 1994
28 Bill Howell
Speaker of the House
Stafford (part) Fredericksburg 1987
29 Beverly Sherwood Frederick (part) Winchester 1993
30 Ed Scott Culpeper, Madison, Orange (part) 2003
31 Scott Lingamfelter Fauquier (part), Prince William (part) 2001
32 Tag Greason Loudoun (part) 2009
33 Joe T. May Clarke, Loudoun (part) 1993
34 Barbara Comstock Fairfax (part) 2009
35 Mark Keam Dem 2009
36 Kenneth R. Plum 1981
37 David Bulova Fairfax 2005
38 Kaye Kory 2009
39 Vivian E. Watts 1995
40 Tim Hugo Rep 2002
41 Eileen Filler-Corn Dem 2010
42 Dave Albo Rep 1993
43 Mark D. Sickles
Minority Caucus Secretary
Dem 2003
44 Scott Surovell 2009
45 David L. Englin Arlington (part), Fairfax (part) Alexandria (part) 2005
46 Charniele Herring Fairfax (part) 2009
47 Patrick Hope Arlington (part) 2009
48 Bob Brink 1997
49 Adam Ebbin Arlington (part), Fairfax (part) Alexandria (part) 2003
50 Jackson H. Miller Rep Prince William (part) Manassas, Manassas Park 2006
51 Richard L. Anderson 2009
52 Luke Torian Dem 2009
53 Jim Scott Fairfax (part) Falls Church 1991
54 Bobby Orrock Rep Caroline (part), Spotsylvania (part) 1989
55 John Cox Hanover (part) 2009
56 Bill Janis Goochland, Henrico (part), Louisa 2001
57 David Toscano Dem Albemarle (part) Charlottesville 2005
58 Rob Bell Rep Albemarle (part), Fluvanna (part), Greene, Orange (part) 2001
59 Watkins Abbitt, Jr. Ind Albemarle (part), Appomattox, Buckingham, Cumberland, Fluvanna (part), Nelson, Prince Edward (part) 1985
60 James Edmunds Rep Charlotte, Halifax, Nottoway (part), Prince Edward (part) 2009
61 Tommy Wright Amelia, Brunswick (part), Lunenburg (part), Mecklenburg, Nottoway (part) 2000
62 Riley Ingram Chesterfield (part), Henrico (part), Prince George (part) Hopewell (part) 1991
63 Rosalyn Dance Dem Chesterfield (part), Dinwiddie Petersburg 2005
64 Bill Barlow Isle of Wight (part), James City (part), Southampton (part), Surry Franklin (part), Williamsburg 1991
65 Lee Ware Rep Chesterfield (part), Powhatan 1998
66 Kirk Cox
Majority Whip
Chesterfield (part) Colonial Heights 1989
67 James LeMunyon
Majority Caucus Secretary
Fairfax (part), Loudoun (part) 2009
68 Manoli Loupassi Chesterfield (part) Richmond (part) 2007
69 Betsy Carr Dem 2009
70 Delores McQuinn Chesterfield (part), Henrico (part) 2009
71 Jennifer McClellan Henrico (part) 2005
72 Jimmie Massie Rep 2007
73 John O'Bannon Richmond (part) 2000
74 Joseph D. Morrissey Dem Charles City, Henrico (part), Prince George (part) Hopewell (part), Richmond (part) 2007
75 Roslyn Tyler Brunswick (part), Greensville, Isle of Wight (part), Lunenburg (part), Southampton (part), Sussex Emporia, Franklin (part) 2005
76 Chris Jones Rep Chesapeake (part), Suffolk (part) 1997
77 Lionell Spruill
Minority Caucus Vice Chair for Outreach
Dem 1993
78 John Cosgrove Rep Chesapeake (part) 2001
79 Johnny Joannou Dem Chesapeake (part), Norfolk (part), Portsmouth (part), Suffolk (part) 1997
80 Matthew James Chesapeake (part), Norfolk (part), Portsmouth (part) 2009
81 Barry Knight Rep Chesapeake (part), Virginia Beach (part) 2009
82 Harry 'Bob' Purkey Virginia Beach (part) 1985
83 Chris Stolle 2009
84 Sal Iaquinto 2005
85 Bob Tata 1983
86 Tom Rust Fairfax (part), Loudoun (part) 2001
87 Paula Miller Dem Norfolk (part) 2004
88 Mark Cole Rep Fauquier (part), Spotsylvania (part), Stafford (part) 2001
89 Kenny Alexander Dem Norfolk (part) 2002
90 Algie Howell Chesapeake (part), Norfolk (part), Virginia Beach (part) 2003
91 Tom Gear Rep York (part) Hampton (part), Poquoson 2001
92 Jeion Ward
Minority Caucus Treasurer
Dem Hampton (part) 2003
93 Robin Abbott James City (part) Newport News (part) 2009
94 Glenn Oder Rep 2001
95 Mamye BaCote Dem Hampton (part), Newport News (part) 2003
96 Brenda Pogge Rep James City (part), York (part) Newport News (part) 2007
97 Chris Peace Caroline (part), Hanover (part), Henrico (part), King and Queen (part), King William (part), New Kent, Spotsylvania (part) 2006
98 Harvey Morgan Essex, Gloucester, King and Queen (part), King William (part), Mathews, Middlesex 1979
99 Albert C. Pollard Dem Caroline (part), King George, Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, Westmoreland 2008
100 Lynwood Lewis Accomack, Northampton Hampton (part), Norfolk (part) 2003

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