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Slogan New virtual economics
Commercial? yes
Type of site Website, Massively multiplayer online game, Strategy Game, Simulation, Turn-based, strategy games, serious games, business game, Tycoon games,
Registration Required
Available language(s) English Spanish French German Russian Chinese
Owner Copyright © 2007-2009 Virtonomics
Created by Virtonomics Team
Launched May 30, 2009

Virtonomics ("virtual economics") is a browser-based multiplayer economic game. Virtonomics is a business simulation, simulating economics. It allows users to study[1] the basics of management. However, the game allows players to not only understand the many subtleties of business management, but also to make real-world money in the game. The game is turn-based, and the conversion of a game situation occurs once a day.



The game resembles the game Capitalism 2 (Trevor Chan). The main purpose of the game in Virtonomics this is to build a successful business in a tough competitive struggle. The player is given the opportunity to become a tycoon, his own company, to develop it, competing with thousands of real opponents, winning new markets, providing financial and political power of its corporations. To do this, the player can engage in trade, manufacturing, research, exploitation of natural resources, agriculture, trade in the currency market, manage personnel, finance, marketing, logistics and other business processes. By controlling the corporation must hire and train staff, establish sales and deliveries, to monitor the activities of competitors, improve the quality of your products, is promoting its own brands to participate in the auctions, to enter into business alliances, and more. The game is on virtual money, a sum which each participant receives at registration. These funds are used for the construction of business units, the payment of expenses and investments. Selling products to other players and "people", the player earns money that can be used for the development of the company. In the game for more than 20 industries, nearly 100 kinds of goods - and this list is constantly growing. Opened new countries, new industries, adds new products and types of production. In late 2009, the player will be opportunities to earn real money in the game by participating in various gaming competitions and tenders.


The prototype is Virtonomics was established in 2004, Russia's developers and functioned for several years as an amateur, non-commercial project. In 2006 the project has undergone significant changes. The game, while maintaining the basic idea, has undergone significant changes in the gameplay, design, interfaces, a number of new opportunities for the development of virtual business. 11 th December 2006 brought the release of the updated game in a new guise for the Russian-speaking audience. In 2007 Virtonomics (Virtonomica) was recognized in Russia the best economic online game[2][3]. In 2009, after the principal improvements the game has entered the global market. The core audience[4] of the project are businessmen, top managers and middle managers, qualified specialists, students of economic universities. Virtonomics offers a choice of two possible models for the game - free-2-play and game subscription. Currently has 5 Realms - Vera (Ru), Olga (Ru), Mary (En, Fr, De, Es), Lien (En, Cn), Anna (En, Fr, Cn, Ru - subscription)

2009 was a year of extensive and fundamental innovations in Virtonomics:

  • January 2009 - Virtonomics switched to multi-server model. The developers are launching a new game server (Realm Olga)
  • May 2009 - the game translated into English, is running a game server "Mary"-oriented English-speaking audience
  • July 2009 - implemented the quests in the game for beginners to simplify the process of their education and enter the game
  • August 2009 - the game translated into Chinese, is running a game server "Lien" oriented Chines-speaking audience
  • September 2009 - Commissioning of the second alternative business model of games (game subscription), and launched a separate game server "Anna" for players who prefer a model of the game.
  • November 2009 - the game translated into French
  • November 2009 - in the game, new types of collateral auctions and held large-scale reform of the game balance
  • December 2009 - the game translated into German and Spanish
  • December 2009 - The game has a mechanism to earn real money for players. Players can earn new game currency VIRT $ in the game, participating in various gaming competitions and tenders, and which can then either use in your game, or to sell to other players, or convert into real money or Benefits from official dealers of the game. For example, a player can use VIRT $ to open a trading account with a financial broker.
  • December 2009 - Virtonomics integrated with Facebook[5]

In 2009, several universities and business schools began using business simulation Virtonomics as a training tool.

Virtonomics is the main and the only project of the developer (GamerFlot Trading Ltd.). Perhaps that is why Virtonomics continuously and actively develops as the quality of gameplay and new additional services for the community and in the direction of new opportunities for advertisers and partners.


At the end of 2009 in Virtonomics registered more than 550 000 users[6]. Most communication happens on game players forums and chat rooms Virtonomics. Effective internal game mail. In addition there are community players in the most popular social networks - Facebook[7], Twitter[8], LinkedIn[9], MySpace. There are independent web resources[10] with optional additional background material on the game, which are written by players themselves, the possibility of the game.


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