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Virtual Pool
Virtual Pool Cover.jpg
Cover art
Developer(s) Celeris
Publisher(s) Interplay Entertainment
Platform(s) MS-DOS, Macintosh, PlayStation, Windows
Release date(s) 1995
Genre(s) Sports simulationpool
Mode(s) Single-player, two-player
Media Compact disc
Input methods Keyboard, Mouse

Virtual Pool is a 3D, first-person sports simulation video game released by Interplay Entertainment in 1995. It is the first of the "Virtual Pool" franchise of computer simulations of pool (pocket billiards) games developed by Celeris.



Virtual Pool is an accurate simluation of straight pool, eight-ball, nine-ball, and rotation pool.[1] The game is viewed in first-person 3D perspective, in contrast to most earlier pool games which featured a fixed overhead view.[2]

The game's publishers, Interplay, offered a full refund for buyers of the game who did not see an improvement in their pool abilities within 45 days of purchase and returned the CD-ROM to the company.[3]


  • Entertainment Weekly: "With its first-person perspective and true-to-life physics, Virtual Pool is one of the rare simulations that may actually improve your real game."[4 ]


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