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Vjekoslav Vrančić was a member of the Croatian World War II Ustaše regime. As the undersecretary for the interior, he was responsible for the concentration camps set up in Croatia and the repressive acts of the police.[1]

Vrančić was born in Ljubuški on March 25, 1904.

He reached the rank of Major in the Ustaša forces. More significantly, he held the government posts of Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs and later Minister of Labour of the Independent State of Croatia.

He managed to escape from the country after the war and made it to Argentina under false papers obtained with the help of Krunoslav Draganovic.[1] He lived the rest of his life there until his death in Buenos Aires in 1990. He was active in the Croatian community of Argentina, and became vice-president of the Croatian so-called "government in exile" under Ante Pavelic.[1] Vrancic was also involved in terrorist activities with extreme right-wing Argentine political groups[1] In Argentina, he formed the weekly paper Hrvatski narod ("Croatian People').[2]

At the Croatian National Council's parliament in 1980 Vrančić stated that the new Croatian nation could not rely on the tradition of the Independent State of Croatia, and would have to minimize that tradition as much as possible.[3]

Vrančić was awarded the honorary title Vitez ("knight") and as such the title is often included with his name.




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