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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is a radio station and virtual community, created by Chicago Public Radio. It is the only radio station that uses user generated content to fill the majority of its playtime. It is currently broadcast on WBEW (89.5 FM) in Northwest Indiana and has announced plans to expand its signal to include Chicago by Spring of 2008. The station plays material made by community members using a crowd sourcing model.[1] hosts play content that listeners upload to the website (which includes: personal stories, news items, music, interviews, commentary, fiction, poetry, comedy, etc.), by encouraging submissions through community training programs, providing access to equipment, and by teaching people how to use their telephones to record and submit pieces to the station.[2]


Originally titled The Secret Radio Project, the website was created by Chicago Public Radio in an attempt to create "radically public radio" that reached a more racially diverse and younger audience than NPR.[3] The station went on the airwaves on June 4, 2007. While created by Chicago Public Radio, is not marketed as a public radio station, does not broadcast nationally-produced public radio programs and also does not openly use on-air pledge drives as a funding source.[4]

During the Summer of 2008, WBEW boosted its signal, causing significant interference to the signal of fellow NPR station WNIJ in the WNIJ listening area, especially in the far Western and Northwestern suburbs of Chicago.


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