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IPA – number 104
IPA – text d
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Entity d
Kirshenbaum d
About this sound Sound sample

The voiced alveolar plosive is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken languages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents voiced dental, alveolar, and postalveolar plosives is d (although the symbol can be used to distinguish the dental version, see voiceless dental plosive), and the equivalent X-SAMPA symbol is d.



Features of the voiced alveolar plosive:


IPA Description
d modal d
or breathy voice or murmured d
palatalized d
labialized d
pharyngialized d
unreleased d
voiceless or slack voice d
stiff voice d
apical d
laminal d
dental or denti-alveolar d
or d̪͆ interdental d
postalveolar d


Language Word IPA Meaning Notes
Czech do [do] 'into' See Czech phonology
Dutch[1] dak [dɑk] 'roof' See Dutch phonology
English admit [ædˈmɪt] 'admit' See English phonology
Finnish sidos [sido̞s] 'bond' See Finnish phonology
French dais [dɛ] 'canopy' See French phonology
German Dach [dax] 'roof' See German phonology
Greek ντροπή [dro̞ˈpi] 'shame' See Modern Greek phonology
Hungarian adó [ɒdoː] 'tax' See Hungarian phonology
Indonesian[2] dacing [ˈdatʃiŋ] 'balance scale'
Japanese[3] 男性的/danseiteki [danseiteki] 'masculine' See Japanese phonology
Korean 아들/adeul [adɯl] 'son' See Korean phonology
Malay dahan [dahan] 'branch'
Maltese dehen [den] 'wit'
Norwegian dans [dɑns] 'dance' See Norwegian phonology
Slovak do [do] 'into'

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