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The Volleyball Hall of Fame was founded to honor extraordinary players, coaches, officials, and leaders who have made significant contributions to the game of volleyball. The hall is located in Holyoke, Massachusetts, where volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan at the local YMCA.[1]



In 1971 the Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce established a committee to campaign for the founding of the Volleyball Hall of Fame in Holyoke, Massachusetts, which is where volleyball was originally founded. In 1895, William G. Morgan, the inventor of volleyball, was posthumously inducted into the hall as its first member. A small exhibit dedicated to the history of volleyball and the hall of fame's inductees opened in a local building on June 6, 1987 with 1,600 square feet (150 m2) of space. In 1997 the exhibit moved to a new temporary location, and is now awaiting movement to a permanent museum.[1][2]

Current inductees

The following tables enumerate all of the inductees to the Volleyball Hall of Fame through 2009.[3]

Volleyball Players, Men:
Player Name Year
Eugene Selznick 1988
Michael O'Hara 1989
Rolf Engen 1991
Thomas Haine 1991
Jon Stanley 1992
Ron Von Hagen 1992
Mike Bright 1993
Larry Rundle 1994
Pedro "Pete" Velasco 1997
Craig Buck 1998
Dusty Dvorak 1998
Steve Timmons 1998
James G. Wortham 1999
Yuri Tchesnokov 2000
Harold Wendt 2000
Charles "Karch" Kiraly 2001
Tomasz Wojtowicz 2002
Jungo Morita 2003
Sinjin Smith 2003
Josef Musil 2004
Seiji Oko 2004
Bernard Rajzman 2005
Konstantin Reva 2005
Ron Lang 2005
Stanislaw Gosciniak 2005
Bernie Holtzman 2006
Edward Skorek 2006
Bob Ctvrtlik 2007
Andrea Gardini 2007
Dimitar Zlatanov 2007
Andrea Giani 2008
Randy Stoklos 2008
Yuri Poyarkov 2008
Ivan Bugajenkov 2009
Siegfried Schneider 2009

Volleyball Coaches:

Coach Name Year
Harry Wilson 1988
Douglas Beal 1989
Col. Edward DeGroot 1990
James Coleman 1992
Al Scates 1993
Marv Dunphy 1994
Arie Selinger 1995
Donald Shondell 1996
Andy Banachowski 1997
Yasutaka Matsudaira 1998
Hirofumi Daimatsu 2000
Vyascheslav Platonov 2002
Givi Akhvlediani 2003
Julio Velasco 2003
Eugenio George 2005
Shigeo Yamada 2006
Yuan Weimin 2007
Nikolay Karpol 2009
Volleyball Players, Women:
Player Name Year
Flo Hyman 1988
Jane Ward 1988
Kathy Gregory 1989
Mary Jo Peppler 1990
Patty Dowdell 1994
Debbie Green 1995
Patti Bright 1996
Paula Weishoff 1998
Inna Ryskal 2000
Takako Shirai 2000
Jean Gaertner 2001
Regla Torres 2001
Lang Ping 2002
Karolyn Kirby 2004
Mireya Luis 2004
Cecilia Tait 2005
Jacqueline "Jackie" Silva 2006
Nina Smoleeva 2006
Kerri Pottharst 2007
Masae Kasai Nakamura 2008
Ana Moser 2009
Holly McPeak 2009

Volleyball Officials:

Official Name Year
Glen Davies 1989
Alton Fish 1990
Dr. George J. Fisher 1991
Catalino Ignacio 1991
Merton H. Kennedy 1992
C.L. (Bobb) Miller 1995
Dr. Endre Holvay 2006
Paul Libaud 2009

Volleyball Leaders:

Leader Name Year
William G. Morgan 1985
Harold T. Friermood 1986
Leonard Gibson 1988
George J. Fisher 1991
John Koch 1994
Robert L. Lindsey 1995
Albert Monaco Jr. 1997
Bill Baird 1998
Wilber H. Peck 1999
Dr. Endre Holvay 2006
Carlos A. Nuzman 2007
Sinan Erdem 2008
Vladimir Savvine 2008


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