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Volta may refer to:

Rivers and lakes


Volta may refer to:

Rivers and lakes



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The Volta region of Ghana is the area around Lake Volta, the world's largest reservoir.

  • Wli Falls

Adaklu Mountain: The Adaklu Mountain Eco-tourism Commitee (AMEC) is a community based organization that offers a genuine cultural experience that travelers are unlikely to find elsewhere. Hike to the top of beautiful Adaklu Mountain, observe and participatein the everyday life of the people from palm wine tapping to Kente weaving to bee keeping (the best honey in West Africa!). Visit and learn a few phrases in Ewe and help support local development efforts for an experience that is beneficial for you and the communities. Homestays, meals, guided mountain tours, drumming performances and more are all available. Any money made from tourist activities are reinvested into the preservation of the mountain and commuinty development. Take a tro-tro from the Adaklu station in Ho or from the market on market days. The welcome center is located in Helekpe, where you will meet Dela Richmond, a great English speaker who is also the chairman of AMEC. Slow down and spend the night in the village!


Most people of the Volta region speak Ewe.


Wli Falls The tallest falls in West Africa. A 45 minute hike from the nearest village takes you to see a view of the upper falls and to the pool at the base of the falls. The falls are located about 20km from Hohoe and are within the Wli Nature Reserve. The small entrance fee is worth the view! You can hike up to the upper falls for a small tip or "dash".

Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary Feed monkeys bananas from you hand. The friendly staff can lead to into the forest any time of day to interact with some of the over 300 Mona Monkeys living nearby.

Cedi Bead Factory Mr. Cedi will show you his secrets of handmade glass and stone beads. Beads are available for sale for very reasonable prices at the factory and in the annex along the main road to Akasombo.

Mount Afadzato The tallest mountain in Ghana

The Lake Volta Dam at Akosombo The dam powers all of Ghana and most of Ghana's neighbours and created the largest man-made lake in West Africa.


A sweet popscile like treat, bisap is made from the hissop flower and is a delicious cool-off.

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VOLTA, the largest river of the coast of Upper Guinea, between the Gambia and the Niger, with a length of about 900 m. Its mouth and the greater part of its course are in British territory. Its lower course had been known since the discoveries of the Portuguese, from whom it received (15th century) its name on account of the winding nature of its stream. It was not, however, until the last fifteen years of the 19th century that the extent of its basin - extending far north within the bend of the Niger - was made known.

There are two main upper branches, the Black and the White Volta. Their sources lie on the grassy plateaus north of the forest belt of the Guinea coast, the Black Volta rising (as the Bailie) in about 11 ° N. 4° 50' W. Its course is at first E. and N.E., to 12° 25' N., at which point, after receiving a tributary from nearly 14° N. - the most northerly point of the basin, - it turns sharply south. From the eleventh to the ninth parallel the river forms the boundary between the Northern Territories of the Gold Coast (British) and the French Ivory Coast colony. The southerly course of the stream ceases at 8° 15' N. where it is deflected E., and even N., by a mountain range composed of sandstone and granite, which it finally breaks through by a narrow pass, in which its width is only some 60 yds. Elsewhere it has a general width of 150 to 200 yds. In 0° 50' W. it receives the White Volta, which flows generally south from about 13° N. and likewise breaks through a narrow gap in the plateau escarpment. Both rivers shrink greatly in the dry season, reaching their lowest level at the end of January. Below the junction the Volta flows S.E. and S., turning, however, E. for 40 m. just north of 6°. In 7° 37' N. it receives on the left bank a large tributary, the Oti, coming from 12° N. In its lower course, through the forest belt, the river has often a width of over half a mile, with a depth in places of 40 to 50 ft. in the rains, but in 6° 18' N. it traverses a pass in which its width is narrowed to 30 yds. Its use as a waterway is limited by a number of rapids, the lowest of which occur in 6° 7' N., above the trading port of Akuse. Its mouth is also obstructed during the greater part of the year by a bar. The river is usually navigable by small vessels from its mouth for about 60 m.

The lower Volta was explored by M. J. Bonnat in 1875, but the upper basin was first traversed by the German traveller G. A. Krause (1886-87) and the French captain L. G. Binger (1888). It has since been explored by a number of colonial officials - German, French and British. Between 6° 41' and 8° 8' N. the Volta forms the boundary between the Gold Coast and Togoland.

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  1. A turning; a time; -- chiefly used in phrases signifying that the part is to be repeated.


  • Anagrams of alotv
  • lovat


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volta m.

  1. (sciences) A volt


Fourth declension

Bare forms

Case Singular Plural
Nominative volta voltanna
Vocative a volta a voltanna
Genitive volta voltanna
Dative volta voltanna

Forms with the definite article

Case Singular Plural
Nominative an volta na voltanna
Genitive an volta na voltanna
Dative leis an volta

don volta

leis na voltanna



Latin volvere


vòlta, /ˈvɔlta/, /"vOlta/


volta f. (plural volte)

  1. time
    due volte alla settimana - twice a week
    tre volte tre fa nove - three times three is nine
  2. turn
  3. (architecture, anatomy) vault

Derived terms



  1. third-person singular present tense of voltare
  2. second-person singular imperative of voltare

Simple English

Volta can be any of the following:

= Rivers and lakes


  • Lake Volta in Ghana
  • Burkina Faso, the country formerly named Upper Volta
  • The Volta River, consisting of the:
    • Black Volta
    • Red Volta
    • White Volta

Famous people


  • Volta, a 2007 album by Björk


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