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Voltron: The Fleet of Doom
Format Adventure, Science Fiction
Created by Toei Animation/World Events Productions
Starring Jack Angel
Michael Bell
Peter Cullen
Kevin Michael Richardson
Neil Ross
B.J. Ward
Lennie Weinrib
Tress MacNeille
Country of origin Template:Country data Japan Japan
Language(s) English
Original channel first-run syndication
Original airing September 10, 1986
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Voltron: The Fleet of Doom was a television special involving both Vehicle Force Voltron and Lion Force working together to defeat King Zarkon who aligns with Viceroy Throk of the Drule High Command to create an new army the Fleet of Doom.

This movie was released later on DVD by the company originally responsible for taking the Japanese source material and bringing it to American audiences, World Events Productions (WEP).[1]

Interestingly, the Fleet of Doom movie was intended to explain the transition from Lion Force Voltron (GoLion in Japan) to Vehicle Force Voltron (Armored Fleet Dairugger XV) and hence represents the only time in the show’s animated history where the two incarnations of the giant robot appear together (since the source material was derrived from two entirely separate animated shows in Japan).

As a result, the animated movie, Fleet of Doom has become a collector’s ambition only further sought out due to the fact that WEP has not included it in any of the six Voltron DVD box sets it has released thus far (and no announced plans to do so in the remaining two sets).

Fleet Of Doom was released by WEP as an online exclusive and later was updated to have better DVD compatibility as there were many complaints about the using the menu with older DVD players and that the editing was extremely poor with very long timeouts between the commercial breaks; additional trailers were also included. This updated version was made available by WEP on and is also still available on the Voltron store. Recently, Media Blasters has decided to pick up the option for a general release for Fleet Of Dooom which is due out on May 26/09. This movie will not be part of the Voltron DVD box sets but sold as a stand alone title. No further details were released about this title but it is expected to be better then both of the WEP versions.



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