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Make Politicians History
Leader Ronnie Carroll
Ideology Anti-Parliamentarianism
International affiliation None
European affiliation None
European Parliament Group None
Politics of the United Kingdom
Political parties

Make Politicians History is a minor United Kingdom political party that advocates the abolition of Parliament in favour of devolution to city-states and decision-making by referendum. Its leader is Ronnie Carroll.

The group originated in the 1980s as the Rainbow Alliance of several small groups, founded and led by Rainbow George Weiss. It stood a variety of candidates, often on frivolous platforms. In the Hampstead and Highgate first-past-the-post constituency at the 1992 UK general election, they stood three candidates.[1] Some minor celebrities such as Cynthia Payne[2] and Malcolm Hardee stood for the group.[3]

Since the 1980s, the group has stood under various descriptions, including Vote For Yourself, and Vote For Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket.

The party put up candidates in 22 constituencies in the 2005 UK general election, six in Northern Ireland, four in Cardiff and twelve in London.[4] Among the party's candidates was David Kerr, editor of Ulster Nation.[5] They came last or second-last in every seat in which they stood. In the Cardiff North constituency, candidate Catherine Taylor-Dawson received only one vote, thus setting a new record for the lowest vote for any parliamentary candidate under universal suffrage. The single vote was not cast by Taylor-Dawson, as she was not registered to vote in that constituency.[6] In order to stand, a candidate requires the signatures of ten residents, so failure to receive at least ten votes is no mean feat.

The Vote For Yourself Rainbow Dream Ticket is no longer registered with the Electoral Commission as a political party and has been superseded by the Make Politicians History party, founded on 26 September 2005.


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