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The Reverend Professor William Hugh Clifford Frend (11 January 1916 - 1 August 2005) was an English ecclesiastical historian, archaeologist, and Anglican priest.


Academic career

Military career

  • Assistant Principal, War Office 1940
  • Seconded to Cabinet Office and served on Committees for Allied Supplies and the Free French
  • Liaison officer, Psychological Warfare Branch, Tunis
  • Service in Austria for 18 months
  • Italy
  • Commissioned officer, Queen's Royal Regiment 1947-67


Frend inclined towards the Low Church tradition. He was a sometimes reluctant liberal who cautiously supported the ordination of women but criticised Bishop Jenkins of Durham over his non-traditional ideas about Christmas. He was considered a good and humble pastor and an enlightening, if theologically uncoventional, preacher.

Public recognition


Frend was married to Mary Grace (née Crook) 1951-2002; they had one son, Simon and one daughter, Sally. His father was a clergyman of High Church persuasion.

Major Works

  • The Donatist Church (1952)
  • Martyrdom and Persecution in the Early Church (1965)
  • The Rise of the Monophysite Movement (1972)
  • The Rise of Christianity (1984)

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