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Broadcast area New York, New York
Branding 1280 WADO
Slogan Noticias, Deportes Y Mas
Frequency 1280 (kHz) (also on HD Radio)
First air date 1941
(as WOV)
Format Spanish News and Talk
Power 50,000 watts (day)
7,200 watts (night)
Class B
Facility ID 70684
Owner Univision Radio
(WADO-AM License Corp.)
Webcast Listen Live
Website WADO Website

WADO is a radio station on 1280 AM. WADO serves New York City and is owned by Univision. The station carries a Spanish language News and Talk format. Its transmitters are located in Carlstadt, New Jersey.




Early programming

This station was launched as WGL on January 30, 1927, and was owned by the International Broadcasting Corporation. WGL president Colonel Lewis Landes stated on the inaugural broadcast, "The International Broadcasting Corporation's aim is to adhere to truth, to be free of partisanship, religious or political."

WGL was the first station to protest the frequency allocations of the Federal Radio Commission in May 1927. WGL was authorized to move to 1170 AM, but wanted to go to 720, occupied by WOR. When WOR was awarded the 710 frequency, both stations went to court, with WOR eventually winning the case. Finally in June 1927, WGL moved to 1020 AM and shared time with Paterson station, WODA.

In August 1927, studio manager Charles Isaacson announced one of the city's first attempts at local news coverage. WGL was organizing listeners to volunteer as radio reporters and call the station with breaking news stories.

On September 16, 1928, WGL changed calls to WOV and was sold to Sicilian-born importer John Iraci. The WGL call sign was then picked up by a Fort Wayne station, which uses them to this very day.

Italian programming

WOV's initial programming was aimed at a general audience, but by the mid-1930s, it strengthened its ethnic ties and expanded its Italian-language programming to fill the daytime hours. WOV soon became the dominant Italian voice in the Northeast through its affiliation with share-time station WBIL and Iraci's WPEN in Philadelphia.

The station was owned by WOV Broadcasting until 1959, when it was sold to Bartel Broadcasters, at which time the station was renamed WADO. During the day, WADO broadcast R&B music. At night, they ran Italian programming. By 1962, some Spanish programming was run on weekends. By 1963, the only English programming found on WADO was in Sunday religious broadcasts.

Talk radio programming

In 1964, WADO began broadcasting completely in Spanish from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Italian from 8 p.m. to Midnight. Overnight, Asian programming was run. By 1970, Spanish had replaced the Asian format.

Musical programming

In terms of music, the station played a blend of Spanish MOR and Spanish Oldies. They evolved to a Spanish Adult contemporary and Oldies format by the mid 70's. They dropped Italian programming in 1971.

Sports programming

WADO currently broadcasts all games of the New York Jets, and certain games for the New York Mets, New York Knicks, and New York Red Bulls.

Religious and English programming

This radio station was originally an English radio station but by 1969 this radio station acquired so much non English programming that by 1969 the only English language programming was Sunday Religious programming


The station was sold to Command Broadcasting in 1979. In 1986, Heftel bought the station, and over the next three years, moved to a Spanish language adult contemporary and talk format. By the early 1990s, WADO was a Spanish news and talk station.

In March 1996 they bought WPAT and put a Spanish MOR format there, which would later grow to cover additional languages such as Korean. In 1997, Heftel restructured into Hispanic Broadcasters. They sold WPAT to Multicultural, and acquired WNWK from Multicultural. The brokered shows from WNWK went to WPAT and WCAA went to a Spanish Tropical format. WADO remained News and Talk.

In 2002, Hispanic Broadcasting was sold to Univision, making WADO and WCAA Univision-owned and operated stations.

Of the four full time Spanish stations that battled for listeners during the 1980s (WKDM 1380, WSKQ 620, WJIT 1480 being the other three), only WADO remains.

Current WADO lineup


  • 1. Recuerdos 1280 con Hector Campos (12-4AM) (Spanish Oldies Music)
  • 2. Tiempo Para la Vida con la Dra. Pestano (4-5AM)
  • 3. WADO 1280 Informando (5-9AM)Rafael Pujols, Mauricio Clavel(WADOMAN), Ricardo Espinoza,Ino Gomez
  • 4. Salud en Cuerpo y Alma con el Dr. Manuel Ignacio Rico (9-10AM)
  • 5. Cara a Cara con el Pueblo Ricardo Espinoza (10-11AM)
  • 6. 30 Minutos con Ino Gómez (11-11:30AM)
  • 7. Dra. Maribel Santa Cruz (11:30AM-12PM)
  • 8. Tu Dinero con Julie Stav (12-1PM)
  • 9. Dra. Isabel (1-4PM)
  • 10. Salud Para Todos con el Dr. José Pérez-Díaz (4-5PM)
  • 11. El Palo de la Tarde con Frederick Martínez "El Pachá" y Gisela García (5-7PM)
  • 12. Locura por el Fútbol (7-8PM)
  • 13. Locura Deportiva (8-9PM)
  • 14. Solo Fútbol (9-11PM)


  • 1. Recuerdos 1280 con Hector Campos (12-5AM, 4:30PM y 6:30-11PM) (Spanish Oldies Music)
  • 2. Salud Para Todos con el Dr. José Pérez-Díaz (5-7AM)
  • 3. Con Sazon de Este a Oeste (7-8AM)
  • 4. Salud en Cuerpo y Alma con el Dr. Manuel Ignacio Rico (8-9AM)
  • 5. El Garage de Auto Zone con Papo Chinea y Rafael Hernández Brito (9-10:30AM)
  • 6. Cuentas Claras (10:30-11AM)
  • 7. El Consultorio de la Dra. Aliza (11AM-12PM)
  • 8. Tu Voz en Washington con Lourdes Meluzá (12-1PM)
  • 9. Hollywood al Aire con Carlos Calderón (1-2PM)
  • 10. La Tremenda Corte con Ino Gómez (2-3PM)
  • 11. Tiempo Para la Vida con la Dra. Pestano (3-4PM)
  • 12. El pachatazo (con frederick martinez el pacha y mauro el wadoman
  • 13. La Voz del Centro con Ángel Collado Schwarz (5-6PM)
  • 14. Financiado Tu Casa (6-6:30PM)


  • 1. Recuerdos 1280 con Hector Campos (12-5AM y 4-11PM) (Spanish Oldies Music)
  • 2. Su Medico, la Medicina y Usted con el Dr. José Katz (5-8AM, 12-1PM & 11PM-12AM)
  • 3. La Hora de Católica con El Padre Lorenzo Ato (8-9AM)
  • 4. Dra. Maribel Santa Cruz (9-11AM)
  • 5. La Ley y Usted con Raul Meruelo (11AM-12PM)
  • 6. El Hit Parade de América con Javier Romero (1-3PM)
  • 7. La Gía de Inmigrante (3-4PM)


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