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The World Boxing Organization (WBO) is a sanctioning organization currently recognizing professional boxing world champions. Its offices are located in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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The WBO started after a group of Puerto Rican and Dominican businessmen broke out of the World Boxing Association's 1988 annual convention in Isla Margarita, Venezuela over disputes regarding what rules should be applied.

The WBO's first president was Ramon Pina Acevedo of the Dominican Republic. Soon after its beginning, the WBO was staging world championship bouts around the globe. Its first championship fight was for its vacant super middleweight title, between Thomas Hearns and James Kinchen; Hearns won by decision. In order to gain respectability, the WBO next elected former world light heavyweight champion José Torres of Ponce, Puerto Rico, as its president. Torres left in 1996, giving way to Puerto Rican lawyer Francisco Varcarcel as president. Varcarcel has been there since.

The WBO was made popular by boxers such as Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, Marco Antonio Barrera, Ronald "Winky" Wright, Naseem Hamed, Verno Phillips, Michael Carbajal, Johnny Tapia, Harry Simon, Jermain Taylor, Nigel Benn, Paul "Silky" Jones, Gerald McClellan, Joe Calzaghe, Steve Collins, Daniel Santos, Michael Moorer, Dariusz Michalczewski, Chris Eubank, Vitali Klitschko, Wladimir Klitschko and Chris Byrd in the 1990s.


Initial holder of heavyweight title

The WBO sanctioned a fight between two relatively unknown fighters, Francesco Damiani and Johnny DuPlooy, to determine the initial holder of its heavyweight title in 1989, although all other sanctioning bodies of boxing recognized Mike Tyson as the heavyweight champion at the time. Damiani went on to win the initial WBO heavyweight title.[1][2]

Ranking of deceased boxer

The WBO twice moved Darrin Morris up in its super-middleweight rankings in 2001, despite the fact that he was dead. Morris was #7 at the time of his death and #5 when the WBO discovered the error. Varcarcel said, "We obviously missed the fact that Darrin was dead. It is regrettable." Valcarcel also stated that other boxing sanctioning organizations had made similar errors in the past by continuing to rank another boxer after he was dead.[3] One week after British newspaper The Independent broke the story, one of the three men ranking the boxers, Gordon Volkman, still had not heard that Morris was dead.[4]

Current WBO world title holders

Weight class: Title holder: Date won:
Mini flyweight Philippines Donnie Nietes September 30, 2007
Junior flyweight Puerto Rico Iván Calderón August 25, 2007
Flyweight Argentina Omar Andrés Narváez July 13, 2002
Junior bantamweight Mexico Jorge Arce January 30, 2010
Bantamweight Mexico Fernando Montiel April 25, 2009
Junior featherweight Puerto Rico Wilfredo Vázquez Jr February 27, 2010
Featherweight Puerto Rico Juan Manuel López January 23, 2010
Junior lightweight Puerto Rico Román Martínez September 6, 2008
Lightweight Mexico Juan Manuel Márquez February 28, 2009
Junior welterweight United States Timothy Bradley April 4, 2009
Welterweight Philippines Manny Pacquiao November 14, 2009
Junior middleweight Ukraine Sergiy Dzinziruk December 3, 2005
Middleweight United States Kelly Pavlik September 29, 2007
Super middleweight Germany Robert Stieglitz August 22, 2009
Light heavyweight Germany Jürgen Brähmer November 13, 2009
Cruiserweight Germany Marco Huck August 29, 2009
Heavyweight Ukraine Wladimir Klitschko February 23, 2008

Former champions

WBO affiliated organizations

Transition of WBO titles

Other boxing organizations


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