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Windows Glyph List 4, or more commonly WGL4 for short, also known as the Pan-European character set, is a character repertoire on recent Microsoft operating systems comprising 652 Unicode characters. Its purpose is to provide an implementation guideline for producers of fonts for the representation of European natural languages; fonts that provide glyphs for the entire set of characters can claim WGL4 compliance and thus can expect to be compatible with a wide range of software.

As of 2004, WGL4 characters are the only ones guaranteed to display correctly on recent versions of all major platforms of Microsoft Windows. Some Unicode characters may be missing from default installations of Windows 9x (such as Armenian and Georgian), of Linux (such as Devanagari) or of Windows XP (such as Ethiopian and Runic), but WGL4 glyphs are found on all major platforms of Microsoft Windows.



The repertoire, defined by Microsoft, encompasses all the characters found in Microsoft’s code pages 1252 (Windows Western), 1250 (Windows Central European), 1251 (Windows Cyrillic), 1253 (Windows Greek), 1254 (Windows Turkish), and 1257 (Windows Baltic), as well as characters from MS-DOS codepage 437.

It does not cover the combining diacritics used by code page 1258, the Thai letters used in code page 874, Hebrew and Arabic letters covered by code pages 1255 and 1256, or the ideographic characters used by code pages 932, 936, 949 and 950.

It also does not cover the Romanian letters Ș, ș, Ț, and ț (U+0218–B), or the Bulgarian accented Ѝ and ѝ (U+040D and U+045D), which were added to several of Microsoft’s fonts for Windows Vista (long after the WGL4 repertoire was originally defined).

The following Unicode ranges are found in WGL4:

Row Cells Range(s)
00 20–7E Basic Latin (00–7F)
A0–FF Latin-1 Supplement (80–FF)
01 00–7F Latin Extended-A (00–7F)
92, FA–FF Latin Extended-B (80–FF )
02 C6–C7, C9, D8–DD Spacing Modifier Letters (B0–FF)
03 84–8A, 8C, 8E–A1, A3–CE Greek (70–FF)
04 01–0C, 0E–4F, 51–5C, 5E–5F, 90–91 Cyrillic (00–FF)
1E 80–85, F2–F3 Latin Extended Additional (00–FF)
20 13–15, 17–1E, 20–22, 26, 30, 32–33, 39–3A, 3C, 3E, 44 General Punctuation (00–6F)
7F Superscripts and Subscripts (70–9F)
A3–A4, A7, AC Currency Symbols (A0–CF)
21 05, 13, 16, 22, 26, 2E Letterlike Symbols (00–4F)
5B–5E Number Forms (50–8F)
90–95, A8 Arrows (90–FF)
22 02, 06, 0F, 11–12, 15, 19–1A, 1E–1F, 29, 2B, 48, 60–61, 64–65 Mathematical Operators (00–FF)
23 02, 10, 20–21 Miscellaneous Technical (00–FF)
25 00, 02, 0C, 10, 14, 18, 1C, 24, 2C, 34, 3C, 50–6C Box Drawing (00–7F)
80, 84, 88, 8C, 90–93 Block Elements (80–9F)
A0–A1, AA–AC, B2, BA, BC, C4, CA–CB, CF, D8–D9, E6 Geometric Shapes (A0–FF)
26 3A–3C, 40, 42, 60, 63, 65–66, 6A–6B Miscellaneous Symbols (00–FF)
F0 01–02 Private Use Area (00–FF …)
FB 01–02 Alphabetic Presentation Forms (00–4F)

Character table

U+ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
002 ! " # $ % & ' ( ) * + , - . /
003 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 : ; < = > ?
004 @ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
005 P Q R S T U V W X Y Z [ \ ] ^ _
006 ` a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o
007 p q r s t u v w x y z { | } ~  
00A   ¡ ¢ £ ¤ ¥ ¦ § ¨ © ª « ¬ - ® ¯
00B ° ± ² ³ ´ µ · ¸ ¹ º » ¼ ½ ¾ ¿
00C À Á Â Ã Ä Å Æ Ç È É Ê Ë Ì Í Î Ï
00D Ð Ñ Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö × Ø Ù Ú Û Ü Ý Þ ß
00E à á â ã ä å æ ç è é ê ë ì í î ï
00F ð ñ ò ó ô õ ö ÷ ø ù ú û ü ý þ ÿ
010 Ā ā Ă ă Ą ą Ć ć Ĉ ĉ Ċ ċ Č č Ď ď
011 Đ đ Ē ē Ĕ ĕ Ė ė Ę ę Ě ě Ĝ ĝ Ğ ğ
012 Ġ ġ Ģ ģ Ĥ ĥ Ħ ħ Ĩ ĩ Ī ī Ĭ ĭ Į į
013 İ ı IJ ij Ĵ ĵ Ķ ķ ĸ Ĺ ĺ Ļ ļ Ľ ľ Ŀ
014 ŀ Ł ł Ń ń Ņ ņ Ň ň ʼn Ŋ ŋ Ō ō Ŏ ŏ
015 Ő ő Œ œ Ŕ ŕ Ŗ ŗ Ř ř Ś ś Ŝ ŝ Ş ş
016 Š š Ţ ţ Ť ť Ŧ ŧ Ũ ũ Ū ū Ŭ ŭ Ů ů
017 Ű ű Ų ų Ŵ ŵ Ŷ ŷ Ÿ Ź ź Ż ż Ž ž ſ
019   ƒ  
01F   Ǻ ǻ Ǽ ǽ Ǿ ǿ
02C   ˆ ˇ   ˉ  
02D   ˘ ˙ ˚ ˛ ˜ ˝  
037   ;  
038   ΄ ΅ Ά · Έ Ή Ί   Ό   Ύ Ώ
039 ΐ Α Β Γ Δ Ε Ζ Η Θ Ι Κ Λ Μ Ν Ξ Ο
03A Π Ρ   Σ Τ Υ Φ Χ Ψ Ω Ϊ Ϋ ά έ ή ί
03B ΰ α β γ δ ε ζ η θ ι κ λ μ ν ξ ο
03C π ρ ς σ τ υ φ χ ψ ω ϊ ϋ ό ύ ώ  
040   Ё Ђ Ѓ Є Ѕ І Ї Ј Љ Њ Ћ Ќ   Ў Џ
041 А Б В Г Д Е Ж З И Й К Л М Н О П
042 Р С Т У Ф Х Ц Ч Ш Щ Ъ Ы Ь Э Ю Я
043 а б в г д е ж з и й к л м н о п
044 р с т у ф х ц ч ш щ ъ ы ь э ю я
045   ё ђ ѓ є ѕ і ї ј љ њ ћ ќ   ў џ
049 Ґ ґ  
212     Ω    

     not used      optional      private use

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