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City of license Atlanta, Georgia
Broadcast area Atlanta, Georgia
Branding B98.5 FM
Slogan "Atlanta's Best Variety of Soft Rock"
Frequency 98.5 MHz FM
(also on HD Radio)
First air date 1948 on 104.5 MHz
mid-1950s on 98.5 MHz
Format 98.5: Adult Contemporary
Now playing: Christmas Music
98.5-HD2: Soft Standards
ERP 100,000 watts
HAAT 313 meters
Class C0
Facility ID 73978
Callsign meaning Welcome South Brother
Owner Cox Radio
Sister stations WALR-FM, WBTS, WSB, WSRV, WSB-TV
Webcast Listen Live

WSB-FM (98.5 FM, "B98.5FM") is an Atlanta radio station, and the only Atlanta radio station that plays adult contemporary music. Along with several other Atlanta radio stations, WSB-FM is owned by Cox Enterprises' publicly-traded subsidiary Cox Radio, and is the group's flagship FM station. It is the only Atlanta FM radio station to continue to share a callsign with local TV and AM radio stations (WSB AM and WSB-TV), and one of the few such triopolies (under the same ownership) left in the entire U.S.. Prior to 2007, its main competitor was Atlanta's other AC, 94.9 lite Fm (PEACH 94.9/96.7 lite fmWLTM (on 94.9, and later 96.7).



Following in the footsteps of pioneer WSB-AM, WSB-FM was the first FM station in the Southeast, debuting originally on 104.5 FM in 1948. After Cox acquired the Atlanta Constitution, WSB-FM went silent in 1952, and returned a few years later on 98.5 FM. The station has been an adult contemporary music station since 1980.

In 1985, WSB-FM, at the time known as "99FM", sued AC competitor WLTA-FM "Warm 99", claiming copyright infringement. Arbitron was docking both stations in the ratings because of the common use of "99". In the landmark case, Cox v. Susquehanna Broadcasting, the judge was handed a digital radio and asked to tune to 100.0 MHz. There was no signal. To find the nearest station, he pressed the Scan button, and it stopped on 101.5 MHz. Next, he entered 99.0 MHz, which, again, contained no signal. Scanning from there, the radio hit 99.7. In his precedent-setting decision, the Federal district judge stated that on a radio dial "a radio station's frequency is its address" and one cannot copyright an address. He ruled in favor of Warm 99. Soon thereafter, WSB-FM became known as "B98.5FM".

For a couple of years in the mid 1990's, the station played all-70's music on weekends. From late 2000 until the fall of 2003, the station played AC on weekdays and 1980s music on weekends. This ended when WMAX-FM (now WBZY) became an all-80s station. Once a month since 2007, WSB-FM interrupts normal programming for a weekend (with the exception of Delilah) for a special musical theme. Theme weekends include all-70's, all-80's, #1 weekend, one-hit wonders, A-Z weekend, party music, and a "Jack" like "whatever weekend". During the holiday seasons from 2004 forward, the station plays all-Christmas music from the day after Thanksgiving to Christmas.

The station plays over 90 minutes of commercial-free music each weekday at 9AM known as The 98 at 9. Until 2006, WSB-FM's primary "listen at work" competitor was 94.9 FM, under the names "95 WPCH", "Peach 94.9", and "94.9 Lite FM" with the WLTM callsign. On December 18th 2006, 94.9 flipped to country as "The Bull". WLTM moved to the weak 96.7 station until December 26, 2007, when the station flipped to classic country WWLG "96.7 the Legend".

On December 29, 2006, WSB-FM became the Atlanta affiliate for the nationally syndicated Delilah show (which was previously broadcast on 94.9 Lite FM/Peach 94.9).

WSB-FM's current HD-2 service is a throwback to their 'beautiful music' days.

On the second or third weekend in February, WSB-FM produces an annual "Family Fun Fest" event, where companies that provide products for kids and families showcase what products and services they offer. The show features live events and appearances from local sports stars. The station conducts a live broadcast both days of the event.

WSB-FM shares a tower with WPBA TV 30, and in fact shares the same antenna with WSTR FM 94.1 and WVEE FM 103.3. The three stations' transmitters are diplexed together, so that they all feed to the antenna instead of into each other.

A planned merger of GE and Cox in the late 70s almost caused WSB-FM to be spun off to Ragan Henry with plans to take the WEZA calls.

On July 1, 2008, Steve McCoy and Vikki Locke joined WSB-FM as the morning show after 17 years at top 40 WSTR "Star 94".

Station line-up Chart

5:00 - 9:00 9:00 - 2:00 2:00 - 7:00 7:00 - 12:00 12:00 - 5:00
Steve and Vikki in the Morning (Steve McCoy, Vikki Locke, Will Gara, Veronica Waters, Mark Arum) Jordan Graye Kelly McCoy Delilah After Dark Larry Lane

Past personalities:

  • Denise Alexander, midday personality (1987-1991)
  • Eddie Bauer, morning personality (?-1999)
  • Brenda Bissett, midday personality (1999-2001) Currently paired with her husband (Pete Michaels) as part of the morning show, "Pete & Brenda In the Morning" nationally syndicated radio show.
  • Brian Buzby, morning personality (?)
  • Michael J. "Mike" Calhoun, morning personality/news reader (?-1999)
  • Marjorie Coley Davis, morning personality/news reader (2007-2008)
  • William C. "Barnacle Bill" Duncan, weekend personality/fill-in WSB-FM, WJZF, WBTS (1994-2005) Deceased 2007
  • Jason Durden, traffic reporter (1996-2007) Now on WSB-TV in News Chopper 2. Also occasional morning traffic fill-in on B98.5FM.
  • Sabrina Gibbons, morning personality/news reader (?-1998) Currently at sister station WSB-AM, and hosts state lottery drawings.
  • Christy Henry, morning personality/news reader (2003-2007)
  • Trevor Johns, morning personality (?)
  • Jeff Laurence, Saturday Night Dance Party host (?-2001)
  • Bobbi Marks, fill-in/weekend personality (?-1999)
  • Bob (Bob Marsicano), morning show producer/personality (1999-2000). Later employed as a sound designer at Wild Hare Studios, Atlanta. Then worked, on air, at WZGC Z-93 (Now 92.9, Dave FM)... currently working for Cox Radio, Tampa and as instructor at CSB School of Broadcasting.)
  • Gary McKee, morning personality (?) Worked at WQXI 94 Q (now WSTR Star 94) before 98.5... after 98.5, later surfaced at WZGC Z 93 (now 92.9 Dave FM).
  • Charles McPhee, Dream Doctor Show host (2002-2004) Retired
  • Michael Mitchell, Atlanta's Love Songs host (2001-2002)
  • Dale O'Brien, morning personality (?) Later surfaced at WPCH Peach 94.9 (then WLTM 94.9 Lite FM, now WUBL 94.9 The Bull).
  • Nancy Richards, morning personality/news reader (1999-2003)
  • Chandler Steele, fill-in/weekend personality (?)
  • Kelly Stevens, morning personality (1999-2008).
  • Rebecca Stevens, Atlanta's Love Songs host (1985-2001) Later surfaced at WPCH Peach 94.9 (then WLTM 94.9 Lite FM, now WUBL 94.9 The Bull).
  • Kristy Tanner, morning personality (?-1999)
  • Alpha Trivette, morning personality (1999-2008).
  • Larry O'Neal, middays (1983-84). Left to buy KIX96 in El Dorado, AR. Now owns KKHJ-FM (93KHJ) in Pago Pago, American Samoa.
  • Kari Dean(?) morning personality/news. Kari Dean is currently a TV news producer at WAGA-TV.
  • Jim Larsin, weekend/fill-in (now retired from radio)


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