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Wherever possible, section headers should be identical to the ones in the article templates. Don't add a "Restaurants" header to an article; make it "Eat" instead. Don't add "Introduction", but "Understand". The more consistent the sections of articles in Wikitravel are, the easier it is for readers to find what they're looking for.


Wiki markup has a specific format for section headers. Section headers should start with two equal signs. If there are sub-sections of the sections, their headers start with three equal signs, and sub-sub-sections get four equal signs, etc.

For example,

== Section 1 ==

=== Section 1.1 ===

=== Section 1.2 ===

==== Section 1.2.1 ====

Section headers should be separated from text above and below with a blank line, as follows:

...and that's all you need to know.

== Talk ==

The people of Frosnobish speak Frosnobian.

Avoid squishing the header into the rest of the text. It'll usually show up right, but it's harder to edit.


Section headers should follow the same rules of capitalization as article titles: capitalize the first word in the title, and any proper names. Everything else should be lowercase.

Which section to use

See Where you can stick it.


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