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VTV Logo Thumbnail.JPG
Villanova, Pennsylvania
Branding Villanova Television
Channels Analog: 17 (Villanova Cable Network)
Owner Villanova University
Founded 1999
Website www3.villanova.edu/wvtv/

Villanova Television (VTV) is a student-run campus television station within Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania. The channel is only available through the on campus cable network.

VTV provides coverage of campus events, news, political debates and discussion, short films, and original drama to students and faculty. The station also creates a new orientation video each year, which has become a focal point of annual freshman orientation.



In the fall semester of 1999, a group of students met in the commuter lounge of the Connelly Center for the regular meeting of the Villanova TV Production Club, which had officially been in existence for about a year. The club had a small office which housed its mediocre equipment. Programming could be viewed on the closed-circuit university cable system, but there was no means for programming to be played through the transmitter.

New equipment was purchased and the group reorganized to give members more creative freedom. An executive board was elected, and the club's name was officially changed to VTV. In 2000, the name of the station changed to WVTV, although the original logo with VTV remained. That fall, the official name of the station was changed to WVTV.

WVTV expanded in 2002 into a larger studio/editing space. A political debate show,The Villa-No Spin Zone, was introduced and became a staple of WVTV programming. In 2003, the station acquired a new digital editing system and produced its first DVD, an orientation video for freshmen. Other projects were created to take advantage of the modern technology. During the 2004-2005 school year, the station moved twice before taking up its current studio.

2006 brought equipment failures, including old broadcast hardware, which crippled WVTV's ability to generate good programming. The breakdown led to a drop in student participation, and only the most committed members remained by the end of the academic year. Those students became the nucleus of the current executive board, who are working to restore the station to its place as a campus mainstay. New broadcast equipment was installed in September 2007, and in November 2007 the group purchased a new Mac Pro editing suite, complete with Final Cut Studio 2.

A campaign began in 2008 to revive WVTV, and within two weeks of beginning this campaign, membership increased to over twenty people. With a new Executive Board in place, VTV restructured many of the elements of station, creating a more stable and productive organization. Currently, VTV is expanding its programming with a variety of new shows in many genres, including cooking, news talk and opinion, and sci-fi, along with a series of short films.

Programming History


Older programming

  • The Weekly Wildcat – an early predecessor to Nova News, featured news and entertainment across a wide spectrum of campus activities and events
  • Villanova Basketball Highlights
  • Sheehan Beach – high-drama monthly series starring students
  • Dorm Detectives – dating show similar to MTV's Room Raiders; students decide who they would like to go on a date with, purely based on the person's dorm room
  • Game Time! – sports talk show with recaps of professional and college sporting events of the week, interviews with Villanova athletes and coaches
  • The Hunt for Hanson – reporters seek out Hanson for an interview
  • Special Olympics Special – interviews with Special Olympics athletes taped during the event on campus
  • HLT Productions – A group dedicated to creating original shorts including The Three,Face Value,and The Interview.

Current programming

New Shows

  • eLife. (comedy)- After getting sucked into a cursed Playstation 3, Jason and Adam find out that they need to beat a variety of classic games including Rock Band, Metal Gear Solid, and Final Fantasy in order to escape the game world and save their lives.
  • My Life is a Musical (comedy)- The creator of BABEL brings you a story about a freshmen girl who can't seem to find a place where she fits in. Meet Ellen, a quirky, awkward, and absolutely amazing person. After running into the president of Villanova Student Musical Theatre, Ellen decides to give musical theater a try. Welcome to a world of crazy, amazing, and truly interesting people and situations that will change Ellen's life forever.
  • Sheehan Beach: The Next Generation (Drama)- It's been three years since Kat, Cassie, Riley, and Floyd graduated from Villanova. The campus has changed since their departure and a new group of students have come together. Nick Mahin is a sophomore transfer student living in Sheehan Hall. After finding a letter from Cassie, he begins to discover a lot of drama unfolding around him. A new chapter begins in the story of Sheehan Beach.
  • Nova Nation All Access (Sports)- VTV's new traditional sports show provides you with the facts about what's going on in the world of sports. Villanova is going to have a big year and we're here to give you the play by play.
  • Villanova Idol (Reality)- Do you think you have what it takes to be the first Villanova Idol? Welcome to Villanova University's very own version of the hit show American Idol. Hosted by Charlie Gillespie and Judges Greg Moore, Heather Shaw, and Patrick Borja, Villanova Idol will crown the best singer on campus. Get ready, because this...is Villanova Idol.
  • VTV Lazy Dayz (Short Comedy)- A series of random shorts about the VTV Executive Board and the misadventures that happen behind the scenes.
  • Villanova Happy Tapes (comedy)- Louis Riccardi brings you a series of PSA parodies about ridiculous things that you should know about on Villanova's campus.
  • Nothing Good Happens After 2AM (Variety)- A Late Night comedy talk show to be launched this fall.
  • Contessa (Short Film)- What would you do if you were pushed into a corner? For Contessa, the world of drugs becomes her domain. Witness a pure, kindhearted girl, become a ruthless drug-lord who will stop at nothing to survive.
  • Did Someone Say Murder? (Short Film)- Errol, a man with severe OCD, thinks everyone is out to get him. After hearing about a murderer on the news he becomes unstable and runs for his life. But how long can you run before your sanity catches up with you?

Returning Shows

  • BABEL (Epic/Drama)- In the final season of Villanova's staple show, the Chosen find themselves down for the count after a devastating loss against the Organization. Tom's death has brought out the worst in everyone as Jay becomes a self loathing alcoholic, Kim becomes angry and vengeful, and the other Chosen sink into depression. To make matters worse, Beelzebub continues Lucifer's mission and searches for a way to revive his father. The clock is ticking and the final battle is rapidly approaching. This will be the final test of the Chosen. It's either kill Lucifer, or watch the world die...
  • Trapped in the Present (Sci-fi/Drama)- Following Luke's shocking betrayal, "Trapped In The Present" picks up one year later as Luke mysteriously reappears with no recollection of his missing time. As Nicole eagerly tries to catch him up on the past year, Sam takes a more cautious approach. Nicole continues to struggle with her feelings for Sam, which have worsened since he began spending more time with his classmate Jessica. As emotions run high, our heroes must also face the constant threats of TAPS, Bellona, and her partners. With progress on his TASPA reaching a halt, is this finally the end of the road for Sam?
  • Sportstime (Sports)- Miggy is dead...well, he's not dead...but he's not on VTV anymore! Join Mark Versella and company as they give you their opinions and the cold hard facts about what's what in the sports world.
  • Nova News (News)- Villanova's only news program brings you campus events, clubs, sports and people, interesting off-campus places, and local features
  • The Dark World (Reality)- Villanova's answer to Ghost Hunters goes off campus to hunt down the paranormal and determine if there is anything after death.
  • Hunting (Reality/comedy)- Formerly known as Ginger Hunting, Hunting expands the shows concept by hunting down unsuspecting stereotypes on campus and finding out if they truly are dangerous. Gingers were just the first phase...beware of the others...
  • Chosen: The Impossible Future of BABEL(Documentary)- Creator Andrew Simone takes you on a journey beyond season 4 of BABEL and into the never to be seen final 3 seasons. Plus the exclusive look at the teaser trailer for these 3 seasons.

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