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Format Sports entertainment
Created by Vince McMahon
Starring SmackDown! Brand
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 204
Running time 46 minutes
Original channel Spike TV (2002-2005)
Webcast (2005-2006)
Original run May 25, 2002 (2002-05-25) – June 11, 2006 (2006-06-11)
Status Ended

WWE Velocity, also known simply as Velocity, was a professional wrestling television program for World Wrestling Entertainment that replaced two syndicated WWE shows, Jakked and Metal. Once a weekly Saturday night show on Spike TV and on Sky Sports 2 in the UK on Sunday mornings, Velocity became a webcast in 2005. The newest episode would be uploaded to on Saturdays and be available for the next week. Older webcast episodes were also archived. It is the counterpart show to WWE SmackDown and WWE Raw and is recorded before the television taping of SmackDown! (however SmackDown! is broadcast first).



WWE Velocity was primarily used to summarize major occurrences on the latest episode of SmackDown!, which had already aired Thursday and later Friday nights on UPN. The program also featured matches mostly involving wrestlers who are not featured in major matches or storylines on SmackDown!. Just like WWF Jakked and WWF Metal, Velocity aired mostly low to mid-card wrestlers, and many wrestlers from Ohio Valley Wrestling.

From television to webcast

When WWE Raw moved from Spike TV back to the USA Network, the USA Network chose not to broadcast this or WWE's other weekly Spike TV program, WWE HEAT. WWE streamed Velocity from their website for their U.S. and Canadian audiences. However, Velocity continued to be broadcast on television stations overseas to fulfill international programming commitments.


During the last year of Velocity, ratings began to drop to record lows. From 2005-2006, Velocity had a rating of 1.0 or higher only once, and with the re-introduction of ECW and the decision to tape ECW on Sci Fi at the SmackDown! tapings, Velocity was canceled, with the last episode being uploaded to on June 10, 2006. ECW on Sci Fi then took the place of Velocity in the European, Australian, Indian subcontinent, and Latin American television markets.

Title Changes

Although most title changes occurred on SmackDown! and RAW, Velocity had a title change when Nunzio defeated Paul London to w in the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.

Ratings History

With its poor timeslot, Velocity never had strong ratings.


Commentators Year (s)
Alternated between Michael Cole, Tazz, Josh Mathews, Marc Loyd and Al Snow 2002
Josh Mathews and Ernest Miller 2003
Josh Mathews and Tazz July 2003
Josh Mathews and Bill DeMott November 2003 - December 2004
Steve Romero and Josh Mathews December 2004 - June 2006

TV/Web Schedules

  • United States
  • TNN - Saturday afternoons (2002-2003)
  • Spike TV - Saturday nights 11PM-12AM (2003-2005)
  • - Saturday afternoons (2005-2006)
  • United Kingdom
  • Sky Sports - Sunday nights 11PM (2002- 2004)
  • Sky Sports - Sunday mornings 9AM (2005- 2006)

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