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Wakfu logo.png
Developer(s) Ankama Studio
Version Open beta version 0.107 build 18851[1]
Platform(s) Linux[2], Mac OS[2], Nintendo DS[3], Windows[2]
Genre(s) Fantasy MMORPG
Mode(s) Multiplayer

Wakfu is a turn-based tactical MMORPG[2] and a Television Cartoon, under development by Ankama Studio and written in Java. It takes place in the same fantasy world as Dofus, 1000 years later.[4] The game is currently in closed beta testing.[5] Wakfu has a free to play area with for content sampling and an extended, paid subscription area.[6]



In the time of Dofus, an ogre named Ogrest managed to get all 6 Dofus eggs for the sake of someone he loved. However, she was interested only in the eggs, and Ogrest killed her in a fit of rage. Later realizing what he'd done, he climbed to a mountaintop and cried for 1000 years. This brings us to the time of Wakfu. Now the "goal" is to defeat Ogrest, but, like Dofus, this is not necessary.[2]

  • The fighting system is turn by turn like Dofus and Dofus Arena, inspired by Tactical RPG which will also be present in Wakfu.
  • In Wakfu, players walk around with the screen following them scrolling (In Dofus, to move around, each, you walked onto a new screen).
  • One of the changes in Wakfu is the interaction with its environment, you have to try to preserve resources and monsters migrate around the map.
  • Players will be (at least partially) auto-managed: players will have to maintain the order, like milicians and governors. Some ranks will be accessible thanks to elections.
  • Each class has 35 spells: 5 tree structures of 7 spells corresponding to 3 elementary categories which change according to the class (fire, air, water…) a tree structure of support (neutral) and a tree structure of weapon skills (also known as Close-Combat). Each spell will profit from one hundred levels of power. The spells will progress to the wire of their use by the players. Contrary to typical RPGs (which want players to evolve/move by obtaining spells increasingly more powerful) the character will be able to use all the spells available as of the beginning. The magic will be divided into eight elements: the lightning, wind, stasis (time), fire, ground, water, light, darkness and each class will have fates of four elements


In Wakfu there are many different characteristics [7], some are the same as in Dofus others are completely new.

Main characteristics:

  • Strength (earth)
  • Agility (air)
  • Intelligence (fire)
  • Chance (water)
  • Wisdom (increase the amount of experience gained)
  • Vitality (increase health points)

There are also secondary characteristics like:

  • Dodge (increases the chance of running away)
  • Blocking (block a close combat attack)
  • Ferocity (critical strikes)
  • Command (can summon more monsters)
  • Prospecting (better chance of finding rare objects)
  • Will (can control a creature better)

Playable classes

Wakfu features the same classes as Dofus, although many have different appearances or roles.[8]


As in Dofus, Wakfu features professions [9][10] which characters may learn. Here a list of the principal professions classified according to various ways and various Thirds:

Collect - Nature Collect - Science Collect - Magic
Agriculture Mining Mushrooming
Forestry Gemology Apothecary
Fishing Skin Tanning, Repairing Herbology
Craft - Nature Craft - Science Craft - Magic
Baking Forging Flowering
Fishmonger Armory Fishery
Butchery Jewellery Alchemy


The most famous monsters of Dofus, like Tofus, Moskitos and Gobballs will be present in Wakfu too but after being completely re-examined with addition of subclasses. However the graphic designers at Ankama Games developed new creatures, like Phorreurs and the Grave-diggers. Smares (monster in form of samare) also made their appearance!

Official Site - Creatures

Animated series

Ankama Animation has been producing a French-language cartoon series by the same name, based on the video game. The first season of 26 episodes began airing on 30 October 2008, and new episodes will continue to air into January 2010 on France 3. Like the video game, the show is animated with Adobe Flash software; all the production is done in France, with the help of a few Japanese animators. The series is directed by Anthony "Tot" Roux, and character design is directed by Xavier "Xa" Houssin and Kim "Tcho" Etinoff.[11] During the London MCM Expo, the first two episodes were shown for the first time in English, but it is not known if an English-language version is planned. A spin-off called Mini-Wakfu, which features humorous shorts with characters depicted in super deformed style, has aired since September 2009. A special episode called "Noximilien l'Horloger" will be aired after the 23rd episode, it will tell the origins of the main antagonist, Nox, the production of this episode was made in Japan by a team of animators who worked on Kemonozume and Kaiba.



Yugo (Voiced by Fanny Bloc)
The main hero of the series. He is a good-natured 12-year-old Eliatrope who only recently discovered his powers, and is on a mission to find is true family. He has lived with his adoptive father Alibert his entire life, working alongside him at his inn, and has no memories of his real family. He has the ability to summon the teleportation portals by rotating his hand in a circular motion and throwing them to where he would like to appear, where as of recently he has gained the ability to see Wakfu and travel through his portals at blinding speeds. It is hinted he has feelings for Amalia.
A small "Tofu" (little bird) that is always seen by Yugo's side. Though small, it does not stop him from helping out anyway he can.
Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm (Voiced by Adeline Chetail)
Known as the Adventurer-Princess, she is a 13-year-old being called a Sadida. Because of this, she is able to talk to plants as well as control them. Despite her frequent bouts of sauciness, she is devoted to her friends, and can become extremely angry if they are harmed, and to helping Yugo find his family. She also does not like her brother Armand, being the only person she did not miss while on her travels because of his arrogant and war loving personality. It is hinted she has a crush on Yugo.
Sir Sadlygrove Percedal, (Messire Tristepin Percedal) (Voiced by Thomas Guitard)
A 16-year-old Iop, Sadlygrove is a "Knight of the Order of the Guardians of the Shushus", entrusted with the guardianship of the demon-sword Rubilax. He tends to act brave but foolhardy, and not much is revealed about his past or the reason for his travels. Though despite his goofy personality he has shown on numerous occasions to be a strong fighter. As a Guardian, Sadlygrove is responsible for making sure Rubilax does not escape its sword prison and possess its owner, or others, though when he is possessed by Rubilax he becomes a monster that is incredibly physically strong (similar to that of the Hulk). He is questing with Yugo as repayment for Yugo's rescuing him from Rubilax's possession. He has an obvious attraction towards Evangelyne, constantly flirting with her to no avail. However, after he used Rubilax's powers and nearly attacked Evangelyne, he is putting himself through rigorous training so to not need Rubilax's power where he unlocks something of a berserker mode, single-handedly destroying a small army.
Rubilax (Voiced by Gerard Surugue)
A Shushu, or a demon trapped in an object, in the form of a gem on the hilt of Sadlygrove's sword. He is obsessed with destruction, and lends intimidating strength to any being he manages to possess. He is usually in the form of a dagger, but can grow to the size of a longsword. His true form is a knee high demon, however is still incredibly strong for his size and he can grow to a large size and mass every time he is hit and summon a small army of strong clay warriors. His powers have a critical weakness in that he cannot control his size the more he is hit, ultimately being his undoing as he sunk into the ground from his massive weight.
Ruel Stroud (Voiced by Patrick Bethune)
Ruel is an old friend of Yugo's adoptive father Alibert, as well as a treasure- and bounty-hunter known as an Enutrof. As a favour to Alibert, Ruel agrees to accompany Yugo on his travels. Ruel is noteworthy for his incredible greed and stinginess, sometimes the only way to wake him up is to mention money or so distracted by money he will completely ignore the danger they are in, but also his skill as a fighter and his commitment to seeing Yugo through trouble. Ruel wields a gold-plated shovel for a weapon. Grougaloragran states he is the strongest of the group, suggesting he has powers he has yet to reveal. He also seems to have a sever hatred towards a strange pig/mole-like creature called a Phorror that follows the group, usually attacking it on sight, it is later revealed this is because he had a creature like this when he was a child and it died, leaving him to swear to never have one in his life again. It is only after he freed Ruel from Sadida prison that he has shown a liking to it.
Evangelyne (Voiced by Geneviève Doang)
A 17-year-old Cra, Evangelyne is accompanying the Sadida princess Amalia as a bodyguard. She is committed to her job, but also acts as an older sister to the young Amalia. She wields a bow that can fire a variety of magic arrows, making a quiver unnecessary. Though at first she shows no attraction to Tristepin at the beginning and immune to his constant flirting, it is obvious he is starting to grow on her, yet constantly denies such feelings exist. Especially as of episode 20, where she had a dream where she often blushes when around him, and nearly kissed before she woke up.
Adamaï (Voiced by Dorothee Pousseo)
A shape shifting dragon who comes into contact with Yugo during their visit to the island of Ora and is revealed to be Yugo's brother. After separating from his friends, Yugo trains alongside Adamaï in order to control his wakfu and stop Nox from his sinister plans. He was raised by Grougaloragran his entire life, and became greatly depressed after he lost to Nox. He is currently training Yugo in his Wakfu and both are traveling to Dofus.

Side characters


They are a human species who are close to all things Mother Nature, and are most noticeable for being barefoot all the time, green hair, dark skin, and wearing clothes out of leaves. The males have their hair covering their entire heads. They are all connected to the Tree of Life.

Amalia's father and king of the Sadida people. He is a jolly man as well as not familiar with formalities despite his king status, always questioning why Eva would always bow before him. He temporarily left his post to Armand as the Tree of Life was sick, trying to cure it. He later regains his thrown after being informed of Nox's plan by Amalia and Eva.
Amalia's Mother
Yet unnamed. She appears to have been a kind woman that Eva deeply respected. She has died before the start of the story for reasons yet explained.
Amalia's Brother and acting ruler of the Sadida while the king is away. He is a very arrogant man, clearly seen when he called his people's requests "whinning" and believed the warning about Nox from his sister was nothing but her own imagination and discarded it without a thought, causing Amalia to run out crying. He believes his sister to be a flake as she deserted her people and duty as a princess for her adventurous lifestyle. He has an obvious attraction to Evangelyne, something that creeps her out and causes Tristpin to become jealous. Armand also appears to have a racist view towards Lops, often insulting them. He is known to have very bad breath, a subject he is very touchy about, though is well known to the Sadida.
Alibert (Voiced by Thierry Mercier)
Yugo's adoptive father, who found him as a baby when Grougaloragran left him at the beginning of the series. He is also the town mayor and a master chef, who runs an inn. After taking the young boy under his care, Alibert is also engrained a magical message through his eyes regarding Yugo's past. He raises Yugo for 12 years, training him as an assistant chef at the inn's restaurant, until the day their hometown comes under attack by a mysterious enemy and Yugo's past must be revealed.
Grougaloragran (Voiced by Benoit Allemane)
A mysterious old man who cares for the infantile Yugo and later must hide him from the dangerous Nox. He is incredibly strong with the ability to breath fire. Nox on their first battle stated he was a dragon, where in episode 17 it is revealed he is a powerful dragon in human form. He also has the powers to see into people's souls, which is why he picked Alibert for Yugo's father, as he saw he would be the perfect father.
Kabrok & Miranda (Voiced by Richard Darbois & Claire Buyot)
Kabrok is an Osamoda adventurer from days long past, who eventually found his true love in the form of an Ecaflip named Miranda. Soonafter, the couple settled down and began running an underground item shop for weary travellers. However, Kabrok began to grow bored of his new life, so he donned the guise of a villain called "The Black Raven" and has a ball of a time torturing a nearby villiage and destroying his competitors' shops in the process.
The Puddlings & The Bullies
Two races of creatures, the Puddlings being tiny gelatonous beings that lack courage, while the Bullies are bovine-like monsters that plague the Puddlings by stealing their food with brute force. Yugo and company come across both races on their visit to Puddling villiage and Sadlygrove feels a sense of responsibility in teaching them how to defend themselves against the Bullies. Eventually, Yugo takes on the Bully leader and defeats him, sending the whole stampede packing.
Xav the Baker (Voiced by William Coryn)
A baker from Chtibrout Town who is famous for his incredible-tasting golden wheat bread. His storage is ruined by a monster called Breadnought, not long before the deadline of a baking contest where the winner can present their bread to the King of Bonta. To help Xav win the contest, Yugo becomes his assistant and trains underneath him, so Xav teaches Yugo how to mold bread as if he were training with a weapon. After the Baker's Tournament, Yugo and company stay at Xav's home before heading out for their next adventure.
Master Goultard
Trispin's "dead" master who trained him. Though he commented he was dead, he states "death was overrated" when he is shown to be alive. He refers to Trispin as "Pipoun". He is a very powerful Lop, able to take down Rubis's possessed form with a single strike of his sword, as well as he is the only being Rubis has shown to be afraid of. He gets Trispin back on his path after he was depressed over breaking Evangelyen's bow.
A small mysterious man who's face is hidden by his hood. He is a representative of the King of Bonta who came to discuss matters with Armand, who simply brushed him off. He is also very strong, wielding a hammer almost as tall as him and taking out a team of Sadida guards all on his own.


Nox (Voiced by Benjamin Pascal)
The main villain of the series. A Xelor with twisted and obsessive motives, constantly pursuing Grougaloragran on his travels, as well as constantly searching for sources of Wakfu to absorb. Nox proves to be a dangerous enemy and often speaks with an insane-sounding giggle at the end of each sentence. He needs a large source of Wakfu to control and item known as the Cube, and to do so he needed Grougaloragran's large source of Wakfu and now has his eye set on the Tree of Life. However, by killing the Tree of Life, will wipe out the entire Sadida race. He has a crazed hyena for a pet, that is able to run at speeds so fast he can travel the ocean simply by running on top of the water.
Formerly a Shushu Guardian named Wagnar, he fell in love with a demon named Ombrage, who became sealed in a magic ring and sucked souls from nearby villiagers for sustanance. Wagnar wore the ring that Ombrage was trapped in and her demonic powers transformed the guardian into "Vampyro". When Yugo's team visits Katrepat town, Vampyro ambushes them with an army of zombies and kidnaps Evangelyne in order to give Ombrage a new body to inhabit. When transformed into Vampyro, he has an unfortunate allergy to Tofu birds, which eventually becomes his undoing.
Breadnought (Voiced by Elisabeth Fargeot)
A mysterious old dwarf who seeks to ruin Xav the Baker's chances at winning the Chtibrout Baker's Tournament by destroying their golden wheat storage! She wreaks havoc on the villiage while riding atop a golem made of giant pieces of bread. Yugo takes on Breadnought and nearly wins, but she escapes before he claims victory. At the climax of the Baker's tournament, Breadnought is revealed to be Xav's grandmother Chouquette, who wanted to win the contest for the sake of her husband Ratafouine.
Gonnard the Great (Voiced by Serge Faliu)
A supposed herald who visits Yugo and his friends during their stay at Xav the Baker, informing them of gold-robbery crime wave. Gonnard seems to know much about their adventures up to the point that he makes contact with them, but turns out to be a evil gold-eating Djinn responsible for the crimes. Gonnard possesses the ability to absorb whatever material he eats into his mist-like body, making him near-indestructable by eating so much gold.


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