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Waldo Penner
Born October 3, 1919(1919-10-03)[1]
Died May 5, 2006[1] in St. Catharines, Canada[1]
Church Canadian Baptist Ministries
Education [1]
Ordained 1945[2]
Title Reverend Doctor
Parents Mother: Anna Father:John Penner[1]
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Waldo Penner was a Theologian and a man of gentle nature[3]who once taught Systematic Theology at the Andhra Christian Theological College[1], Hyderabad {affiliated to the Senate of Serampore College (University) - a University within the meaning of Section 2 (f) [4] of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956[5] (as modified up to 20th December 1985)}.

He was Principal of the Baptist Theological Seminary in Kakinada before merger of its B.D. section into the Andhra Christian Theological College[6]

During the 1977 Andhra Pradesh cyclone, he supervised relief and aid on behalf of the Canadian Baptist Ministries[7].

Although Penner was a Missionary of the Canadian Baptist Ministries and got educated in North America, his parents originally hailed from Russia with a Mennonite Brethren background[8]. Penner acknowledged his father, also a missionary in India, as having had a strong influence on him[8].

Awards and achievements
Preceded by
Noble Frank Swackhammer
Doctor of Divinity

McMaster University
11 May 1982[10]

Succeeded by
Donald Hale Fraser
Academic offices
Preceded by
A. B. Masilamani
1955 - 1958

Baptist Theological Seminary[1], Kakinada
1956 - 1964

Succeeded by
Victor Hahn
1964 - 1966
Preceded by
Lecturer in Systematic Theology

Ramayapatnam Baptist Theological College, Rajahmundry
1967 - 1972

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Lecturer in Systematic Theology

Andhra Christian Theological College[1], Rajahmundry

Succeeded by
Ryder Devapriam
Religious titles
Preceded by

Canadian Baptist Ministries

Succeeded by


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