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Lost episode
Locke faces the mysterious monster
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 4
Written by David Fury
Directed by Jack Bender
Production no. 102
Original airdate October 13, 2004
Guest stars

L. Scott Caldwell
John Simon Jones
Billy Ray Gallion
Stephen J. Rafferty

Episode chronology
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"Tabula Rasa" "White Rabbit"
Lost (season 1)
List of Lost episodes

"Walkabout" is the fourth episode of the first season of Lost. The episode was directed by Jack Bender and written by David Fury. It first aired on October 13, 2004 on ABC. The character of John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) is featured in the episode's flashback.





John Locke is shown working in an office building for a box company. He has a cruel manager named Randy Nations (Billy Ray Gallion) who is constantly taunting and demeaning Locke. At one point Locke tells Randy off and feels great about it.

At home in his apartment, Locke is on the phone with a woman and he tells her about his experience that day and how good it felt to finally tell Randy off. Locke excitedly tells the woman on the other line about how he finally signed up for a walkabout. He invites the woman to come along, but she refuses and hangs up.

Locke is then shown in Australia talking to one of the leaders of the walkabout. He refuses to let Locke come because of his condition, saying it is too big of a risk for the insurance company. As the man gets up to leave, Locke is shown to be using a wheelchair.

On the Island

When boars raid the body-filled fuselage, Jack Shephard (Matthew Fox) decides it has to be burned. Four days after the crash the survivors discover that their food is exhausted, and wonder what to do. Locke reveals the many hunting knives he possesses and suggests they should hunt boar in the jungle, and he, Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) and Michael Dawson (Harold Perrineau) set out to do so. Michael first enlists Sun-Hwa Kwon (Yunjin Kim) to look after his son Walt Lloyd (Malcolm David Kelley) until he returns. Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews) gives Kate an antenna to setup in order to triangulate the signal of the French Transmission.

Michael is injured and Locke is thrown off of his feet while hunting, while Kate escorts Michael to the beach and Locke continues (after having a strange episode with his legs going numb apparently). Along the way she climbs a tree to hook up the antenna, but when she sees the monster she drops it, and the antenna breaks. Locke has a close encounter with the monster. However, instead of running from it, he stands his ground.

At the beach the castaways are clearing supplies out of the fuselage. Claire Littleton (Emilie de Ravin) decides to lead a memorial ceremony for the deceased passengers. Boone Carlyle (Ian Somerhalder) suggests that Jack talk to Rose Henderson (L. Scott Caldwell), who has been somewhat distant since their arrival on the island. Rose tells Jack that her husband, who was in the tail section of the plane when it crashed, is still alive. Michael and Kate return to camp. Sayid is angry that Kate broke the antenna. When she goes to tell Jack about Locke, Jack sees a man in a suit (John Terry) walk into the jungle. Jack chases after him and Kate follows, but he disappears. They find Locke covered with blood from a wild boar he has just slain.

That night, Claire holds a memorial service for the dead passengers using information she found in their passports, wallets, and luggage. Charlie Pace (Dominic Monaghan) takes a hit of heroin before attending; his stash is running low. Jack is not among the group. Michael, who is standing next to Locke, asks him if he saw anything out there. Locke simply replies "no". Locke watches his wheelchair in a fire and he smiles as it burns.


The episode gained 18.16 million American viewers who watched it live.[1] Chris Carabott of IGN gave the episode 9.5/10, stating that "Terry O'Quinn puts in an exceptional performance", and commenting that showing Locke, who "seemed like a confident and resourceful man with a mysterious and intriguing past", to be a "shell of a human being that is trying desperately to find his place in the world." was "a perfect juxtaposition of the differences between Locke off and on the island". He also praised the supporting stories, claiming that "Matthew Fox does a great job of playing the uneasy leader" as Jack Shephard and that the Shannon-Charlie storyline "does supply a little comic relief".

In a review written on Zap2it by Ryan Mcgee, he described the revelation that Locke was a paraplegic as being "one of the show's signature moments", and commented that the episode "cemented the show as 'Must-See TV'" and was "a five-star effort."


David Fury was nominated for an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Writing in a Drama Series" for writing this episode.


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