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Walking is the main form of animal locomotion on land, distinguished from running and crawling.

Walking or Walk may also refer to:


  • Fulling, also called walking or waulking, a step in making woolen cloth.
  • Hiking, walking as a form of exercise or recreation, especially in a nature setting.
  • Walkout, a form of protest, particularly in a labor context.

In sports:

  • Base on balls, also called a walk, in baseball, an award of first base to a batter following four balls being thrown by the pitcher.
  • Traveling (basketball), also called walking, taking too many steps with the basketball without dribbling it.
  • Walking, in cricket, a batter leaving the pitch without waiting for the umpire to declare him out.
  • Racewalking, a track & field athletics event.

In film:

In literature:

In music:

In mathematics:

  • Walk, in graph theory, an alternating sequence of vertices and edges.

In geography:

  • Valga, Estonia, a town, formerly the German town of Walk and now divided between Latvia and Estonia.
  • Valka, a town in Latvia, formerly the German town of Walk and now divided between Latvia and Estonia.

Walks may refer to:


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