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Wally Heider (1923 - 1989) was an American recording engineer and recording studio owner (Wally Heider Studios.)



After a distinguished career as an engineer in the 1940s and 1950s, he was instrumental in recording the San Francisco Sound in the late 60s and early 70s. Though he had a chronic stutter and more than ample girth, nothing could stop him from refining and advancing the art of remote recording. His high-energy style endeared him to many musical artists whose work was enhanced by his engineering techniques.

His initial collection of recordings, from his time as an engineer during the big band era, formed the basis of the Hindsight Records catalogue, acquired from Heider in 1979 by Thomas Gramuglia. Through Heider, Hindsight ended up owning over 9,000 copyrights and masters.[1]

Career chronology

  • '60s Big band and pop recordings
  • disciple of Bill Putnam; assisted at United Western Recorders, Hollywood.
  • 1966 Monterey Jazz Festival remote recordings; met Dale Manquen.
  • 1967 Monterey Pop Festival remote recordings.
  • 1968 Studio 3, Los Angeles Crosby Stills & Nash
  • 1968-1980 Wally Heider Studios, 245 Hyde Street, S.F.
  • 1969 remote 24-track recording
  • 1970 remote 8-track recording; for example Creedence Clearwater Revival at Oakland Coliseum.
  • 1971-72 1971-72 dual 2-inch 24-track remote truck recording.
  • August 20, 1972 Wattstax recording
  • 1974-75 remote concert recordings in the Los Angeles area.
  • Instrument rental business in SF until Dolph Rempp and SIR came along.
  • 1975 studio at 1604 N. Cahuenga, L.A.
  • 1976 Filmways
  • 1978-84 Automatt, 4th & Folsom, S.F. (Six engineers and three of them women!)

Musicians, Albums, Concerts

Engineers worked with

  • David Fraser (Automatt)
  • Russ Gary ('68-'69 helped prep SF studios for opening) (Hyde '69-'71)
  • Stephen Barncard
  • Ellen Burke (245 Hyde)
  • Lesley Barncard (1975 Cahuenga)
  • Leslie Ann Jones (Automatt)
  • Maureen Droney (Automatt)
  • Michael Rosen (Automatt)
  • John Nowl (Automatt)
  • Fred Catero (Automatt)
  • Jeffrey Cohen (Automatt)
  • Tom Scott (1966)
  • Gray Odell (1966)
  • Ben Gardner
  • Michael Patterson (recording engineer)Michael Patterson
  • Ken Caillat
  • Dan Agostino (Heiders L.A. '74-'76)
  • Richard Dashut
  • Chris Morris (for Fleetwood Mac, 1975)
  • Ken Kessey (Automatt)
  • Steve Mantoani
  • Jim Simon (Filmways/Heiders '78-'83)
  • Mel Tanner
  • Harry Sitam
  • Frank DeMedio
  • George Fernandez (first session, Hyde st. '69
  • Jerry Martin (Hyde '69)
  • Dave LaBarre
  • Bill Halverson (1966 Monterey crew)
  • Grover Helsley (1966 Monterey crew)
  • Ken Hopkins (Hyde '70)
  • Dave Mancini
  • Steve Malcolm
  • Biff Dawes (Woody Herman, Live at Monterey) Cahuenga 1971-1982



  1. ^ Description of Hindsight Records,contained in "Michelex Merges with Hindsight Records". News Release, March 9, 2005.

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