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Wally Page is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Dublin, Ireland. He has played gigs all over the world but mainly works in Ireland and regularly plays along with Johnny Mulhern or Tony Boylan.

Wally Page in the Rotterdam Bar in Belfast Northern Ireland - October 2007


Song Writing

Wally Page has always been a very prolific song writer and his songs incorporate many musical styles including Country, Calypso, Eastern, Rock and Celtic.

Wally has written many songs which have been recorded by Christy Moore including -

  • All For The Roses (co-written with Tony Boylan)
  • Biko Drum (written about Steve Biko)
  • Duffy's Cut (written about Duffy's Cut)
  • Hey Paddy
  • Los Desaparecidos
  • Mercy
  • Sixteen Jolly Ravers
  • Smoke and Strong Whiskey (co-written with Tony Boylan)
  • So Do I

Wally and Christy Moore have also co-written a number of songs including -

  • Barrowland (written about Barrowland Ballroom)
  • Johnny Connors
  • Lovely Young One
  • The Two Conneeleys
  • Wise and Holy Woman

Christy Moore said about Wally Page -

"I am privileged to have received the work of such great writers as Ewan McColl, Jimmy MacCarthy, Wally Page, Pierce Turner, Johnny Mulhern, Shane McGowan, Johnny Duhan and many, many others. The Writing of a song can be such a very precious act, sometimes laying bare the very essence of a life, and the interpreter carries a big responsibility to the writer."



There Are No Rules

Wally's debut album. Released in 1996. Reviews of this album included -

"A world of music head and shoulders above just every on else" Christy Moore.

"A wonderful eclectic collection of songs...something here for every one"-John O Regan, Folk Roots.

"Entertainment of the highest order, this man reaches every part of our souls" Sunday Tribune.

"On the evidence seen here, Page deserves and no doubt will gain a huge audience" Colm O Hare, Hot Press

Gone In The Head

Recorded with Johnny Mulhern. Released in 2002.

Live At The Annesley House

Recorded live with Johnny Mulhern in The Annesley House bar in Dublin. Released in 2006.

Live At The Hatch

Recorded live with Tony Boylan in The Hatch bar in Dublin. Released in January 2008.

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