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Walter Melon is a 1998 animated TV show, very loosely adapted from the Franco-Belgian comic and television series Achille Talon. The show aired in the United States on the Fox Family Channel during 1998 and 1999.



Walter Melon and his assistant Bitterbug run a company as "heroes for hire". Whenever superheroes get in trouble or get sick, Melon and Bitterbug (Lefuneste) take their places temporarily. In the show Walter and Bitterbug replaced all kinds of heroes spoofs, such as: Superman, The Hulk, James Bond, Batman and Robin, Kirk and Spock, Tarzan, Luke Skywalker, Mad Max, Spider-Man, 2 of the Power Rangers, Alan Grant, Fox Mulder, Jim Phelps, Casper, White Rabbit and Mad Hatter, Tin Man and Scarecrow, Aladdin, and Little Red Riding Hood. Walter is not a supertrained, intelligent and beautiful macho man like most superheroes. Instead, he is a big jolly fellow with a large nose and a lot of luck. Despite his significantly greater size than the heroes he impersonates, nobody ever notices the difference, with his greater weight merely been commented on after his arrival and subsequently ignored. When as any of those heroes, he fights Sneero who is represented as the bad guys spoofs, such as: Lex Luthor, Goldeneye, Joker, Darth Vader, Doctor Octopus, Witch Rita Repulsa, Cigarette Smoking Man, Queen of Hearts, the Witch of the West, Jafar, and the Big Bad Wolf.

In a second season, possibly to make the cartoon more educational, Walter and Bitterbug would receive cross-time distress messages from famous and important historical figures such as Thomas Edison, Lewis and Clark, and the Apollo 11 astronauts, rather than superheroes.

The series is now available on Jetix Play (a channel for older cartoon series owned by Disney, which only airs in eastern Europe and the Arab World). Unfortunately the series aren't available anywhere else anymore. All episodes have been deleted from the Internet by the producers, although, some of them can be found in Youtube.

``Hero for hire. Reasonable rates. All major credit cards accepted.''

--Walter Melon


  • Richard Bell - Walter Melon
  • Francine Elcar - Amelia
  • Michael McConnohie - Sneero
  • Jeremiah Nagle - Bitterbug


  • Jamie Simone - Casting & Voice Director

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