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Bowwow Celebrity Poodle Let's Go! Tetsunoshin
Wanwan Serepū Soreyuke Testsunoshin
(ワンワンセレプー それゆけ!徹之進)
TV anime
Studio Studio Comet
Episodes 51
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Wan Wan Celeb Soreyuke! Tetsunoshin (ワンワンセレプー それゆけ!徹之進 Wanwan Serepū Soreyuke Testsunoshin ?, lit. 'Bow-wow Celebrity Poodle Let's Go! Tetsunoshin) is a 51-episode anime produced by Studio Comet. Despite the title, The main character is not a poodle but probably a Bichon Frisé/Labrador mix instead.

About the anime

This anime is about the adventures of a little dog called Tetsunoshin after his family moves to Hoppongi hills.

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