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Sasurai no Taiyo
Genre Drama, Music
TV anime
Director Katsui Chikao (series director)
Yoshiyuki Tomino (episode director)
Studio Mushi Productions
Created by Keisuke Fujigawa and Miyumi Suzuki
Network Fuji Television
Nippon Animation
Original run April 8, 1971September 30, 1971
Episodes 26
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Wandering Sun (さすらいの太陽 Sasurai no Taiyo ?) was a televised anime series created, written and directed by Keisuke Fujikawa, and which ran for 26 episodes in 1971. Both Yoshiyuki Tomino and Yasuhiko Yoshikazu were involved in the production of Wandering Sun, and would later team up for the ground-breaking and genre defining series Mobile Suit Gundam.

Wandering Sun tells the story of two girls switched at birth (one rich, Miki, and one poor, Nozomi), who compete to become successful singers after meeting at high-school.

The TV series was also released in Italy under the title Jane e Micci and in France as Nathalie et ses Amis.


  • Junko Fujiyama as Nozomi
  • Michiko Hirai as Miki


  • Original Creator: Keisuke Fujikawa, Miyumi Suzuki
  • Script: Keisuke Fujikawa, Shun'ichi Yukimuro
  • Character Designs: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko
  • Storyboards: Yoshiyuki Tomino
  • Music: Hideki Fuyuki
  • Producer: Hiroshi Saito, Noboru Katano
  • Production: Mushi Production, Fuji TV

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