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War of Legends
War of Legends logo
Publisher(s) Jagex Games Studio
Platform(s) Flash
Release date(s) 19 January 2010
Genre(s) Fantasy Manwah MMORTS
Mode(s) Multiplayer

War of Legends is a massively multiplayer online strategy game currently in its Beta stage and set in "a world of ancient Chinese mythology"[1] and published by Jagex Ltd on January 19, 2010.[2]. It is the company's first full online strategy game[3], the first game to be published by the company rather than produced by them[4], and the first game published by Jagex not to be written in Java[5], and the company's first microtransaction game[6].



The game is a real-time strategy game in which players take the role of a "Lord" who controls a kingdom. The aim of the game is to develop the kingdom through the construction and upgrading of buildings in cities, recruit armies with which to defend their cities and attack other players, the research of various skills to perform tasks more effectively & to gather resources with which to pay for these activities. Players can also choose to complete Tasks to gain various stat and item bonuses.[7]

Players are able to choose the gender of their lord as well as either the Monk, Seer, or Warrior avatar. Players are also able to choose what sort of terrain their landscape is built on. Gender has a purely cosmetic effect whilst avatar and landscape type alter their abilities in game. The Lords are "Legends", who are "great heroes" who lead the armies in the game. Players are able to recruit further NPC Legends by reaching set game criteria.[8]

The player starts with one city. They have the option of creating buildings, harvesting resources, and training an army. Every building is rated by a "level" system, the maximum of which is 30. There are five different resources: Gold, stone, copper, food, and timber.[9] A player's city is always "live" in the game[10], which means the city can be attacked even when the player is not logged on. War of Legends offers new players a "new player protection" where they are protected for the first seven days of their gameplay. This prevents them from being attacked by other players. This protection wears off after the seventh day of play or if their palace (central building) is upgraded to a level of 10 or higher.

Business model / JCredits

Whilst the game is free to play, players can choose to purchase a variety of in-game items through the use of the "JCredits" / Jagex microtransaction system. The in-game items can be used to speed up developement, train new skills, and make more money, giving paying players an advantage over non-paying players. [11]

This is the first time that Jagex have used such a system.[12]


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War of Legends

Developer(s) Ultizen
Publisher(s) Jagex Ltd.
Engine Adobe Flash
Status Unreleased
Release date TBA: Early in 2010, (UK)
Genre Strategy
Mode(s) MMORPG
Age rating(s) None, 13+ suggested
Platform(s) PC
Media Web browser
Input Keyboard, mouse
System requirements Web browser with Flash extension
Credits | Soundtrack | Codes | Walkthrough

War of Legends is a free multiplayer strategy game published by Jagex Games Studio. The game takes place in ancient mythical China[1]. The gameplay is centred on building and commanding a kingdom.

Battle scene from War of Legends

Although Jagex publishes War of Legends, they are not the developer.[2] So far there has been no information who this developer is, but Jagex has worked with them before.[3] War of Legends will be live by the end of January 2010, on the official website.

The game will be free-to-play but will also include some pay-to-play elements that will be released after the release of the game. It will also have regular updates similar to RuneScape. Players can log into War of Legends through their RuneScape/FunOrb username and password, and will be able to log in to War of Legends and RuneScape simultaneously.

There will be aggressive non-player characters that will be a part of Player-vs-Environment gameplay. War of Legends will be a graphics based MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online Game), incorporating a mixture of 3D isometric and 2D content. Jagex has stated that the game will be played in real time, rather than turn based, and has confirmed that the gameplay will be based around controlling and running a whole kingdom rather than focusing on one character.

War of Legends will be set in a Player vs. Player environment. Jagex has stated that although it is not essential to compete with other players, a 'solid defence' will be needed in order to build a kingdom. It will be possible to be attacked while not logged into the game, a feature that is also present in their FunOrb game 'Dungeon Assault', although Jagex have said that War of Legends is totally different and separate.

Concept Art

Jagex has officially released several images in the form of a press release via Twitter that shows some of the concept art that has been used in the design of this game:


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