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Warehouse 13
Warehouse 13 title card.png
Warehouse 13 intertitle
Format Science fiction
Created by Jane Espenson
D. Brent Mote
Written by Jane Espenson
D. Brent Mote
David Simkins
Starring Eddie McClintock
Joanne Kelly
Saul Rubinek
Genelle Williams
C. C. H. Pounder
Simon Reynolds
Allison Scagliotti
Country of origin United States
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 12 (List of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Jack Kenny
David Simkins
Running time approx. 44 minutes
Original channel Syfy
Original run July 7, 2009 (2009-07-07) – present
Status Ongoing
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Warehouse 13 is an American science fiction series that premiered on July 7, 2009 on Syfy.[1][2] Executive-produced by Jack Kenny and David Simkins,[3] the dramatic comedy from Universal Media Studios has been described as "part The X-Files, part Raiders of the Lost Ark and part Moonlighting."[4] It has also been accused of "borrowing" much from the 1980s television series Friday the 13th: The Series.[5][6][7] The series follows United States Secret Service agents Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Peter Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) as they are reassigned to the government's secret Warehouse 13, which houses supernatural objects.[4][8][9][10] They are tasked to retrieve missing objects and investigate reports of new ones.[4][10]

The series premiere was Syfy's third largest debut to date, garnering 3.5 million viewers.[1][11] It also has a near 50% female viewership.[12] Since the start of the show, the first 6 episodes have all made the top 10 highest rated series episodes of all time on Syfy. This including episode 6, "Burnout" (Aug 11), which got 4.4 million viewers, setting the record for highest rated show ever on Syfy.[13]

In August 2009, Warehouse 13 was renewed for a second season of 12 episodes which will air weekly beginning on July 13.[14]



Syfy originally ordered a two-hour pilot episode of the project, written by Farscape creator Rockne S. O'Bannon, Battlestar Galactica co-exec producer Jane Espenson and D. Brent Mote.[4] Jace Alexander directed a revised version written by Espenson, Mote, and David Simkins of Blade: The Series.[10] SciFi ordered an additional nine episodes on September 19, 2008.[10][15] The series premiered in the U.S. on July 7, 2009.[1][2]

Parts of the pilot episode were filmed in Dundas, Ontario, Canada.[16] The rest of the series was filmed in and around Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[17]

Cast and characters

  • Eddie McClintock as Peter "Pete" Lattimer – a "rule-bender" Secret Service agent. Agent Lattimer is smart, handsome, athletic and has a knack for quick thinking. He's an alcoholic with several years of sobriety under his belt.[8][9] He has a deaf sister who taught him lip reading. He has a sixth sense in regards to immediate dangers and a weakness for cookies.
  • Joanne Kelly as Myka Bering[9] – Lattimer's "by-the-book" partner. She has more book smarts and an eye for details. She takes her job very seriously and has many clashes with Lattimer.[8] She even names her pet ferret Pete because they are both 'cute and annoying.' Myka has a troubled relationship with her father in whose bookshop she grew up.
  • Saul Rubinek as Arthur "Artie" Nielsen (previously Arthur Weisfelt) – the Secret Service agent in charge of Warehouse 13. A former cryptographer, most of his personal past is shrouded in mystery, except that he was once convicted of treason for selling state secrets to Soviets. Serious and methodical, he is frequently annoyed with his subordinates, who are relative newcomers to the warehouse and its artifacts' peculiarities. He has a fondness for baking cookies.[18] At the end of the first season finale, Artie appears to be killed.
  • Genelle Williams as Leena – the proprietor of the bed-and-breakfast where Lattimer and Bering stay. She has the ability to see a person's aura. Leena has been aware of Warehouse 13 for quite a while and has known many of the Warehouse agents that have died. It is revealed in the first season finale that she has been working with MacPherson.
  • C. C. H. Pounder as Mrs. Irene Frederic – the director of a secret government organization, who is older than she appears. She is a shadowy figure and is usually accompanied by her bodyguard. She is apparently Artie's superior.[19]
  • Allison Scagliotti as Claudia Donovan – a "young, hip, brilliant techno-wiz" whose brother was believed to be dead. She hacked into the warehouse computer systems and kidnapped Artie so that he would help her bring back her brother and now works in the warehouse with Artie. However, in the season finale, she left when Leena and Mrs. Frederic accused her of taking objects in the warehouse and giving them to MacPherson. It was later revealed that it was actually Leena stealing the items, disguised as Claudia.
  • Roger Rees as James MacPherson – former Warehouse agent and arch-nemesis of Artie. He is from England (although the actor is from Wales) and has great knowledge of paranormal artifacts and uses them for nefarious ends. His loyalties and intentions are not entirely known. He is also Artie's former partner. Still on the loose as of the first season finale.

Artifacts and gadgets

Warehouse 13 was established in 1914 after being designed by Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and MC Escher.[20] As the name suggests, there have been twelve incarnations of the warehouse prior to the one in South Dakota. One of the oldest warehouses was at the Library of Alexandria. Throughout history, the warehouse has moved to whichever country was the most powerful of the time (Mesopotamia, Rome, Russia, England, etc.).[21]

The artifacts in the show are special pieces that are almost all in some way connected to some major historical figure. Each one has been imbued with something of their creator or user, something that they make allusions to in their writing or enhances some aspect of their personality. Lewis Carroll's looking glass is a portal for something dangerous, Poe's pen and a volume of his writing has the ability to entomb people in walls, etc. The artifacts react with electricity and can only be neutralized by a mysterious purple goo that is produced by Warehouse 13 which the protagonists in the show use to retrieve them.


Warehouse 13's series premiere was the most-watched cable show on American television that night.[11] With 3.5 million viewers, it was also Syfy's third best premiere ever, behind Stargate Atlantis (2004) and Eureka (2006).[1][11] Joanne Ostrow of The Denver Post described it as "X-Files light, with the bickering Scully and Mulder stand-ins going off on Indiana Jones-style adventures."[22] IGN reviewer Ramsey Isler gave the pilot a positive review, but felt that it was not enough to give "SyFy a chance to once again boast the best sci-fi show on TV."[23] Entertainment Weekly gave it a negative review, describing it as an "unholy cross between The X-Files, Bones, and Raiders of the Lost Ark."[24]


# Episodes Season Premiere - Viewers Season Finale - Viewers Average Viewers
(in millions)
Season 1 12 July 7, 2009 (3.50 million) September 22, 2009 (3.23 million) TBA


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Warehouse 13 (2009-) is a science fiction TV series which premiered on the SyFy channel on July 7, 2009 as the third largest debut on the SyFy channel to date. The series focuses around the Warehouse 13 where objects of a certain type of power, called "artifacts", and its two agents, Myka and Pete.


Season 1

Pilot [1.01]

Artie: I'd like to think of it as America's attic.

Pete: What's that?
Frederic: An invitation to endless wonder.
Pete: Okay, could you sound a little more creepy?

Pete: So, okay, who are these guys?
Artie: Former colleagues.
Pete: And.. and where are they now?
Artie: Well, um, this one and this one are dead. This one, a mental institution in Germany. And this last one disappeared. One day I'll find him.

Artie: And that is exactly what we do here. We take the unexplained.. and we just safely tuck it away in this super-sized Pandora's Box.
Pete: Metaphorically speaking.
Artie: Well, actually, Pandora's box is over in Aisle 989-B. Empty, of course.

Dickenson:(looks up and suddenly Frederic is in front of his desk) How did you come in?
Frederic: Through the door of course.

Resonance [1.02]

Leena: Artie, how've you been sleeping?
Artie: I haven't.
Leena: I can tell, your Aura looks terrible.
Artie: Well stop looking at it then!

Belski: Banks just hand over the money. Everyone's shy on the details.
Pete: Which is strange.
Belski: Tell me something I don't know.
Pete: Uh, Mary, Queen of Scots' croquet mallet was made from a petrified narwhal's horn. She never lost a match.

Myka: What is it with men and their balls?
Pete: Yeah.

Myka: There's three suspects, including Fissel. One was a woman.
Pete: You sure?
Myka: Yeah, I... felt her.
Pete: You touched her boobies?

Artie: You know, um, I had a case once where pollen from a prehistoric plant turned a woman into a sexually rapacious sleepwalker. And she was unaware that she was doing that until she, you know, pulled the pants off...
Myka: Artie, uh... just be---be quiet.

Magnetism [1.03]

Artie: Oh, and I want you guys to ask each of the victims my list of field recovery questions.
Myka: Artie, not the questions, please.
Pete: God, they're embarrassing.
Artie: Yeah, my only pleasure left in life. Concocting ways to embarrass you. Here, in case you lost them. Take this.
Myka: You know, how can it matter if a person smells fudge before an incident?
Pete: Yeah, or if your gall bladder is feeling numb.
Artie: Humor me.

Myka: I thought the medic might know something so I asked him to meet me after work.
Pete: Good idea. I got a thing to do. But, Myka, I want you to be careful. I want you to use a condom. Heh.
Myka: That's hilarious.

Pete: You know, if you were gonna ask me how I would die, I would say that being beaten to death by my partner would be really low on the list.

Claudia [1.04]

Pete: No more zoos, okay? From now on, if an artifact is at a zoo, we leave it there.
Myka: Monkeys spit. Artie, do you know that? They... they spit, and it is not pleasant.

Myka: So can we put out an APB or alert the authorities.
Mrs. Frederic: We are the authorities. What did you learn from the durational spectrometer?
Pete: The spectro...
Mrs. Frederic: It shows the afterimages of anyone who's been in the room in the last five hours.
Pete: You kidding me? Yeah, that's like our favorite thing, with all the lights and so forth.

Pete: My sister taught me how to read lips.
Myka: Why does your sister...?
Pete: Uh, the deaf find it handy.

Myka: Rheticus.
Pete: Rheti-who?
Myka: He was a, uh mathematician and mapmaker. A student of Copernicus. Yes, Pete, I read books growing up.
Pete: Right. Why go to the prom?
Myka: Of course you did.
Pete: Yeah, three times in one night.
Myka: Mmm.
Pete: It's a long story.
Myka: I bet it is. I bet it is.

Artie: Just... you know, just to clarify, you decided to re-create a clearly dangerous, potentially deadly experiment?
Claudia: Oh, sure, it sounds bad when you say it like that.

Claudia: Yeah, I'm here. I'm here. Wait, I'm here? You took me to the inter-dimensional space? You were supposed to get him out, d-bag.
Joshua: No, he was supposed to destroy it. Clearly he's insane.
Artie: Children, don't fight. I can be both a d-bag and insane.

Artie: Yeah, just out of curiosity, by the way, how exactly did you figure out the secret-panel thing?
Pete: Well, each artifact is an extension of the person, Artie. We gleaned what we needed from the person.
Artie: Mm-hmm. Mrs. Frederic. I thought so.
Pete: No, hey, hey, you know what? She's pretty scary. If we hadn't found something, she probably would have glared us to death.
Artie: Yeah. You have no idea.

Elements [1.05]

Myka: But it's still just a well-executed art theft. I mean, it doesn't automatically shout "warehouse," does it.
Artie: Things rarely shout "warehouse." They usually whisper, "Hey, that's a little odd."

Pete: So we're looking for an art-stealing bird that walks through walls.
Myka: Like Artie always says...
Myka and Pete: "Never rule anything out."

Leena: She needs people like her.
Artie: Brash, rude, anti-social, impulsive?
Leena: We're discussing Claudia, not you.
Artie: See, that's kind of a low blow.

Pete: Use your feminine wiles. Smile. You're pretty when you smile.
Myka: I am?
Pete: Yeah.
Myka: So what does that mean when I'm not smiling?
Pete: Kind of frightening.

Artie: And if somebody were to acquire those artifacts, then somebody would have immense power over...
Leena: The world.
Artie: At the risk of sounding dramatic.
Leena: That's never stopped you before.
Artie: That's true.

Burnout [1.06]

Pete: I thought we were gonna get a break. Did you ask Artie?
Myka: Yeah, he laughed for about five minute.
Pete: I guess that's an answer.
Myka: You know, I'm not asking for two weeks, in Tahiti, you know? I just want to get couple of days to go out of Podunk Dakota, and go someplace that serves martinis.
Pete: Well, you are looking pretty ragged---those bags under your eyes and... wha...I'm supporting you here.
Myka: It's very helpful. Thank you.

Artie: Unfortunately, the Warehouse filing system never quite caught up to the computer age.
Claudia: Like your wardrobe?
Artie: What? These are earth tones. They never go out of style.

Rebecca: Would you like some tea and cookies?
Myka: No.
Pete: Yes, please. Yeah, please.. I, yeah, uh, I just... I like cookies.
Myka: He does.

Artie: It's the words under this drawing, and loosely translated, it says, "The spine requires a lifetime commitment."
Pete: Oh, yeah, man I had a girlfriend like that once.

Pete: Man, this trip really killed me.
Artie: Would you not...? Could you stop that, please?
Pete: Seriously, I am totally dead.
Claudia: Hey, I'm surprised to see you alive.
Artie: Don't encourage him.

Implosion [1.07]

Pete: Well, please, ladies first.
Myka: No, you know what, you... you be the smart one this time.
Pete: Okay, get this, there's an access panel on the roof. It'll bring us in right above the main wiring for the security system. Now, we crawl on our bellies, we can avoid the motion system. And what do you mean "this time"?

Myka: Having intel in the field keeps an agent alive, Pete. But Artie acts like keeping us alive isn't a priority. To him we're just...
Pete: Redshirts?
Myka: Yeah.
Pete: Okay. First, he doesn't think we're redshirts. And second, that's so cool you knew what I meant.

James MacPherson: Hello, Arthur.
Artie: James.
James MacPherson: Good to see you after all these years.
Artie: Wish I could stay the same.
James MacPherson: Well, not while you're pointing a gun at me or trying to.
Artie: Well, no, you're an invisible guy with a sword. I think you might have the advantage over me.
James MacPherson: My point exactly.

Mrs. Frederic: I apologize for doubting you.
Artie: Oh, well, thank... thank... we're... we're all human. As far as I know.

Duped [1.08]

Myka: Okay, this stuff is dangerous, all right?
Pete: Right.
Myka: This is Lewis Carroll's mirror. Alice in Wonderland. "Off with their heads."
Pete: That's chick lit, right?
Myka: Chick lit?
Pete: Yeah. Come on. Not everything in here is dangerous. You got that cuddly little ferret from a cooking pot.
Myka: Yeah, he peed in my shoes.
Pete: That's... that was me.
Myka: That's funny.

Myka: I'm not mad at Artie, I'm mad at you.
Pete: No you're not mad at me.
Myka: Yes I am.
Pete: You're not mad at me, you're not mad at me. Because when you're mad at me, your neck gets all long until it looks like that. It's like a giraffe over there. And then when you get mad at Artie, your neck gets over here to the right. Yes! Just like that.

Pete: O-M-G, what's the B-F-D?
Artie: What? Iniquitous hands with the means to exploit fate.
Claudia: "Iniquitous " means "bad."
Pete: Thanks, Roget.

Myka: Which means we're looking for one thing and it should be in their possession.
Pete: Why?
Myka: It's Carson's Rule of Linear Transfer.
Pete: Gesundheit.

Myka: Here's what you and I both know but we never talk about it. All right?
Artie: Mm-hmm.
Myka: That I don't trust you. That I need you to tell me the truth... and to not treat me like some chess piece that you move around on a board that only you can see. That I am valuable. That I matter. And that I deserve to know everything I can about this world that you send me into every day so at least I have a fighting chance. You know, in spite of everything... in spite of everything, I like you. I think you're great. And I want you to think the same of me.

Leena: Myka did name the ferret. She's just not telling Pete the name.
Claudia: Why not?
Artie: Because she named it Pete.
Myka: Ugh, it's cute but so annoying.

Alice: So what tipped you?
Pete: (triumphantly) The real Myka... would never kiss me. Never! Not if her life depended on it. Which is...
Alice: Which is a shame. You're a good kisser.

Pete: I beg to freaking differ...freak.

Regrets [1.09]

Reverend Hill: The cruelest prison is the one we build for ourselves out of fear and regret.

Reverend Hill: To feel remorse is to shame God

Pete: I want you to know that you can tell me things

Myka: You use soap on a rope?
Pete: Hey, I don't judge your personal hygiene products. Although you might wanna invest and get some moisturizers. You look a little dry around the nose.
Myka: Oh, you want to swap beauty tips. Then we can talk about the hair that's sprouting from your shoulders, your nose, and, your, umm, ears. (plucks a hair from his ear)
Pete: Owww!
Myka: Or you could just tell me about the prison suicides.
Pete: Well, let's go with the prison suicides.

Claudia: Oh, hi, Artie. Hi. Huh, funny story. So I kind of, uh, tried to fix this light bulb, even though you expressly told me not too. And man, have I learned my lesson! You're so right about this place. You just never know what to expect. Okay, you're pissed. Can we move past that part for now and get to the part where you get me down from here?
Artie: That wouldn't be Volta's lab coat that you're wearing?
Claudia: All part of the hilarious story I should really tell you when I'm back on planet Earth.
Artie: The reason, Claudia, that Volta's lab coat is in the warehouse is because Volta couldn't control its magnetic field. As you may have noticed, each metallic object that it connects to makes the coat stronger and stronger!
Claudia: That explains so much. Thank you.

Pete: Maybe the old Bible banger had something that was curing the crazy.
Myka: Right.
Pete: Maybe this is what Mrs. Frederick meant by "endless freaking wonder."

Breakdown [1.10]

Pete: Done! I win! Ha ha ha ha!
Myka: It's not a race.
Pete: Said the tortoise to the hare.
Myka: You know, in the story, the tortoise actually wins.
Pete: It's a fairy tale. How is a turtle going to beat a rabbit?
Myka: It's not a fairy tale. It's a fable, a life lesson. "Slow and steady wins the race."
Pete: Here's a life lesson. Pete fast, Pete win.

Artie: Myka, one day will you know all answers to all questions. Just not today.

Claudia: What else? Okay, "repair auto-vac." Slice-o-pie. "Tighten and lubricate zip line." Sounds kind of dirty when you say it like that.

Myka: I just hope she's okay, you know?
Pete: Claudia's like bamboo. You can bend her all you want, but she'll never break.

Myka: "Baylor Dodgeball. Used for military dexterity and agility training. Multiples upon contact." That we already know. "Acquired after the... bludgeoning deaths of five cadets in 1972."
Pete: Uh, uh, bludgeoning is b-bad.
Myka: Agreed, Agreed.

Artie: You really expect me to believe that...?
Valda: What exactly were you expecting, Mr. Nielsen? Hooded cloaked figures standing in half-light around a perpetually burning flame?
Regent Archer: He's seen too many movies.
Artie: I... You know, I just would have thought that... this waitress is a Regent?
Valda: John Adams was a farmer. Abraham Lincoln was a small-town lawyer. Plato, Socrates were teachers. Jesus was a carpenter. To equate judgment and wisdom with occupation is at best... insulting.

Claudia: It's sealed with an Omega level security code.
Myka: Can you hack it?
Claudia: Pope, Catholic, bear, woods. You know the drill.

Artie: So am I fired?
Mrs. Frederic: Worse. They want you to stay. Bering and Lattimer are not the best agents we've ever had. You are.
Artie: They said that?
Mrs. Frederic: It was said. And they were smart enough to believe me.
Artie: Oh. Thanks.
Mrs. Frederic: Simply the facts.

Artie: How long did you have before the warehouse was gonna explode?
Pete: Under a minute.
Claudia: More like thirty seconds.
Artie: That's lucky. I once got there with 17, and Mrs. Frederic's voice gets really annoying when she's counting down the seconds one at time.

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