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Coordinates: 31°57′N 5°19′E / 31.95°N 5.317°E / 31.95; 5.317

Ouargla (Arabic: وَرڤلة ‎) is a capital city of Ouargla province, southern Algeria. It is has a flourishing oil industry. It hosts one of Algeria's universities. The city had a population of 129,402 in 1998 (census figures).


Historical Ouargla

The Fatimids turned westward in 911, destroying the imamate of Tahert and conquering Sijilmasa in Morocco. Ibadi Kharijite refugees from Tahert fled south to the oasis at Ouargla.

Modern Ourgla

The city used to be a significant touristic attraction, up until recently; many tourists chose to shop sand roses at the old rock market (souk l'ehjar). The market used to host many traditional shops filled with traditional antiquities, from dresses to stuffed lizzards. The area across the shops was used to display sand roses of all sizes and shapes. The troubled times during the nineties brought a stop to that. The market has gone through a renovation process. However many criticized this renovation, since they felt as destroying the historical character of the area.

Not too far from "souk l'ehjar" is the old groceries market or the Sunday market as the local people call it. It is located in the centre of the old city, La Lasbah. At its centre lays the original old market, shaped as a circle split into small archs. this is used nowadays as a meat market. around this circular structure, the rows of grocerers and farmers sit in stalls displaying their produce of all sorts of fruits and vegetables.

Next to the souq lie to the two oldest mosques of the city, "al-Masjid al-Atiq" which literally means "the old mosque" and the old Ibadhi mosque. The old mosque is a "home" to one of the most renowned islamic scholars of the city, Taleb et-Tayeb.

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