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The Warlocks Motorcycle Club is the name used by a number of motorcycle clubs in the United States and other countries. The two most notable clubs which use the name were both founded in 1967, one in Florida and one in Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania Warlocks

Warlocks MC
Founded February 1967
In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Years active 1967-present
Territory Northeastern United States
Ethnicity White
Membership 100+
Allies Iron Horsemen[1]

The Warlocks Motorcycle Club is "one-percenter" motorcycle gang that was formed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1967. It was the first official outlaw motorcycle club founded in Pennsylvania.[2] and there are now chapters throughout the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Ohio areas. They bear "colors" that are unique to the other Warlocks organizations and are the first of the known Warlocks to possess the 1%er diamond patch, worn on their "colors" over their hearts. The club's insignia is a Harpy, a legendary winged creature in Greek mythology, and their colors are red and white. The club expanded rapidly at the end of the Vietnam War when thousands of ex-soldiers returned to the United States, many to Pennsylvania, feeling outcast from society. Members of the club must be White males.

Criminal activities

In December 1988, the Warlocks kidnapped then the Breed chapter president Craig "Coyote" Gudkneckt. Since several Warlock members had been jumped in a Bensalem bar, Gudkneckt was taken to the home of a Warlock where he was tied up, beaten and pistol-whipped. Gudkneckt escaped and in a very un-biker moment, went straight to the police to report the crime.[3]

On May 6, 1995, Franklin Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey, Police Sgt. Ippolito "Lee" Gonzalez pulled over Warlocks members Robert "Mudman" Simon and Charles Staples on a traffic stop moments after the two had committed a commercial burglary. Simon shot Gonzalez twice, in the head and neck, and Gonzalez died instantly. Simon later said he shot Sergeant Gonzalez because he did not want to return to prison. Simon was quickly apprehended, pled guilty, and was sentenced to death. In 1999, Simon was stomped to death by Ambrose Harris, another death-row inmate, in New Jersey's Trenton State Prison. Harris argued self-defense, and was acquitted.

In 2006, Tommy Zaroff, born about 1972 (age 37–38), a former President of the Bucks County chapter of the Warlocks was arrested on suspicion of possessing ten pounds of methamphetamine, and was sentenced to at least five years after pleading guilty to charges including distributing a controlled substance, profiting from illegal acts and conspiracy.[4][5] On February 4, 2009, Daniel "Dirty Dick" McElheney, born about 1944 (age 65–66), was arrested under his alias Richard Mcelheney, after his home was raided by police. Police seized six rifles, ten handguns and various illegal drugs.[6]

In October 2008, Pennsylvania State Attorney General Tom Corbett alleged that the Warlocks motorcycle gang are involved with a methamphetamine manufacturing operation based in Berks County Pennsylvania. The sting was dubbed "Operation Underground". Corbett said the operation manufactured and distributed $9 million worth of methamphetamine throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and possibly (supplied) to members of the Warlocks motorcycle gang, which has been linked to organized crime and drug trafficking. "The Warlocks have been the subject of other investigations, and we will continue to investigate the Warlock-Spadafora meth connection," Corbett said. He added that the investigation is continuing and he expects more arrests. There were no Warlocks arrested or charged at the time of this press release.[7]

Florida Warlocks

Warlocks MC
Founded Summer 1967
In Orlando, Florida
Founded by Tom "Grub" Freeland
Years active 1967-present
Territory East Coast of the United States. Also chapters in England and Germany.
Ethnicity White
Membership 500+
Allies Hells Angels[8]

The Warlocks Motorcycle Club, or Warlock Nation, is a "one-percenter" motorcycle gang with chapters in various parts of the United States, England and Germany. The club was established by Tom "Grub" Freeland[9], an ex-US Navy sailor, on the outskirts of Orlando, Florida in 1967 and the Mother Chapter is still based there. They have over nine chapters in Florida, five in South Carolina, four in Virginia, two in West Virginia, one in New York, two in Lincolnshire, England and two in Germany. There are also several Nomads who live and work in states that don't have Warlocks chapters. The club's insignia is a Phoenix sandwiched between the top and bottom rockers, and their colors are black, red and yellow. Their mottos include "To find us... you must be good, to catch us... you must be fast, to beat us... you must be kidding" and "Warlocks forever, forever Warlocks" ("W.F.F.W.").[10]

Criminal activities

The Warlocks were investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in 1991, after Steve Martin, an undercover agent, infiltrated the club, and several members were arrested and released. Again, in 2003 the ATF investigated the Warlocks, and convicted several members of drug and weapon charges once more.[11]


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