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Washington is a U.S. state in the Pacific Northwest, which was named for George Washington, the first President of the United States

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For other people with the given or family name Washington, see Washington (name).

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There's more than one place called Washington.

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Simple English

Washington can have different meanings:

  • George Washington (1732-1799) was the first president of the United States and gives his name to:
    • Washington, one of the 50 states of the United States.
    • Washington, D.C., capital of the United States, also known as the District of Columbia


= Other cities with Washington in their name


  • Washington, Missouri
  • Washington, Nebraska
  • Washington, New Hampshire
  • Washington, New Jersey
  • Washington, North Carolina
  • Washington, Oklahoma
  • Washington, Pennsylvania
  • Washington, Utah
  • Washington, Vermont
  • Washington, Virginia
  • Washington, West Virginia
  • Washington, Wisconsin
  • Washington Boro, Pennsylvania
  • Washington Court House, Ohio
  • Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania
  • Washington Grove, Maryland
  • Washington Mills, New York
  • Washington Park, Illinois
  • Washington Park, New Jersey
  • Washington Park, North Carolina
  • Washington Terrace, Utah
  • Washington-on-the-Brazos, Texas
  • Washingtonville, New York
  • Washingtonville, Ohio

Counties named Washington

There are 30 counties in the United States named for George Washington

Current counties

  • Washington County, Alabama
  • Washington County, Arkansas
  • Washington County, Colorado
  • Washington County, Florida
  • Washington County, Georgia
  • Washington County, Idaho
  • Washington County, Illinois
  • Washington County, Indiana
  • Washington County, Iowa
  • Washington County, Kansas
  • Washington County, Kentucky
  • Washington Parish, Louisiana
  • Washington County, Maryland
  • Washington County, Maine
  • Washington County, Minnesota
  • Washington County, Mississippi

  • Washington County, Missouri
  • Washington County, Nebraska
  • Washington County, New York
  • Washington County, North Carolina
  • Washington County, Ohio
  • Washington County, Oklahoma
  • Washington County, Oregon
  • Washington County, Pennsylvania
  • Washington County, Rhode Island
  • Washington County, Tennessee
  • Washington County, Texas
  • Washington County, Utah
  • Washington County, Virginia
  • Washington County, Vermont
  • Washington County, Wisconsin

Former counties

  • Washington County, former county of South Dakota (1883-1943) that joined with Jackson, Pennington and Shannon counties.
  • Washington County, District of Columbia (historic subdivision abolished in 1871)



  • Washington Island (Wisconsin), the largest of the islands that make up the Town of Washington in Door County, Wisconsin
  • Washington Island (Michigan) in Keweenaw County, Michigan
  • Washington Island (Minnesota) in Lake County, Minnesota
  • Washington Island (New York) in Jefferson County, New York
  • Washington Island (Kiribati), a small island in Kiribati
  • Washington Islands Wilderness in Washington state
  • English name for Teraina, an island in the central Pacific Ocean, part of the Republic of Kiribati
  • An 18th century name for Ua Huka, later extended as the "Washington Islands" to include all of the northern Marquesas Islands

Outside the United States

  • Washington, Argentina
  • Washington, Aruba
  • Washington, Bolivia
  • Washington, Ontario, Canada
  • Washington, Colombia
  • Washington, Cuba
  • Washington, Dominican Republic
  • Washington, Guyana
  • Washington, Ireland
  • Washington, Nicaragua
  • New Washington, Aklan in the Philippines
  • several Barangays in the Philippines, including ones in:
    • San Jacinto, Masbate
    • Escalante City
    • Catarman, Northern Samar
    • Surigao City
    • Legazpi City
  • Washington, South Africa
  • Washington, West Sussex in England
  • Washington, Tyne and Wear in England
  • Washington Gardens, Jamaica
  • Washington Luiz, Paraná in Brazil
  • Washington Island, an alternate name for Teraina, an atoll of Kiribati
  • An 18th century name for Ua Huka, later extended as the "Washington Islands" to include all of the northern Marquesas Islands


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