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This is a list of attorney generals of the U.S. state of Washington. [1]

Attorney Generals

     Denotes acting Attorneys General

# Picture Name Term of Office Governor(s) served under
1 James B. Metcalfe.jpg James B. Metcalf 1887 1889 Eugene Semple
2 William C. Jones 1889 1897 Elisha Peyre Ferry,
John McGraw
3 Patrick Henry Winston 1897 1901 John Rogers
4 Wickliffe Stratton 1901 1905 Henry McBride
5 John Atkinson 1905 1909 Albert E. Mead
6 Walter Bell 1909 1911 Samuel G. Cosgrove,
Marion E. Hay
7 William V. Tanner 1911 1919 Marion E. Hay,
Ernest Lister
8 L.L. Thompson 1919 1923 Louis Folwell Hart
9 John Dunbar 1923 1933 Louis Folwell Hart,
Roland H. Hartley
10 Garrison Hamilton 1933 1940 Clarence D. Martin
11 Smith Troy 1941 1952 Arthur B. Langlie,
Monrad C. Wallgren
12 Don Eastvold 1953 1956 Arthur B. Langlie
13 John J. O'Connell 1957 1968 Albert D. Rosellini,
Daniel J. Evans
14 Slade Gorton, official Senate photo portrait.jpg Slade Gorton 1969 1980 Daniel J. Evans,
Dixy Lee Ray
15 Ken Eikenberry 1981 1992 John D. Spellman,
Booth Gardner
16 File:Chris Gregoire official photo.jpg Christine Gregoire 1993 2004 Mike Lowry,
Gary Locke
17 Mckenna.JPG Rob McKenna 2005 Present Christine Gregoire


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