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Washington State Senate
61st Legislature
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Upper house of Washington State Legislature
President of the Senate Brad Owen, D
since January 1997
Majority Leader Lisa J. Brown, D
since January 2005
Minority Leader Mike Hewitt, R
Members 49 Senators
Political groups Democratic Party
Republican Party
Last election November 4, 2008
Meeting place
Washington State Senate chamber.jpg
Legislative Building
Washington State Capitol
Olympia, Washington
Legislature Website

The Washington State Senate is the upper house of the Washington State Legislature. The body consists of 49 senators, each representing a district with a population of nearly 120,000. The State Senate meets at the Legislative Building in Olympia.

As with the lower House of Representatives, state senators serve without term limits, though senators serve four-year terms. Senators are elected from the same legislative districts as House members, with each district electing two representatives but only one senator.

Like other upper houses of state and territorial legislatures and the federal U.S. Senate, the state senate can confirm or reject gubernatorial appointments to the state cabinet, commissions and boards.


Leadership of the Senate

The Lieutenant Governor of Washington serves as the President of the Senate, but only casts a vote if required to break a tie. In his or her absence, the President Pro Tempore presides over the Senate. The President Pro Tempore is elected by the majority party caucus followed by confirmation of the entire Senate through a Senate Resolution. The President Pro Tempore is the chief leadership position in the Senate. The other Senate Majority and Minority leaders are elected by their respective party caucuses.

The President of the Senate is Washington Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen. The President Pro Tempore is Democrat Rosa Franklin (D–Lakewood). The Majority Leader is Lisa J. Brown (D–Spokane) and the Minority Leader is Mike Hewitt (R–Walla Walla).

Composition of the Senate

Affiliation Party
(Shading indicates majority caucus)
Democratic Republican Vacant
End of previous legislature 32 17 49 0
Begin 31 18 49 0
Latest voting share 63.2% 36.8%

Members of the Senate (2009-2010, 61st Legislature)

District Senator Party Residence First elected
1 Rosemary McAuliffe Democratic Bothell 1992
2 Randi Becker Republican Eatonville 2008
3 Lisa J. Brown Democratic Spokane 1996
4 Bob McCaslin Republican Spokane Valley 1980
5 Cheryl Pflug Republican Maple Valley 2004
6 Chris Marr Democratic Spokane 2006
7 Bob Morton Republican Kettle Falls 1994
8 Jerome Delvin Republican Richland 2004*
9 Mark Schoesler Republican Ritzville 2004
10 Mary Margaret Haugen Democratic Camano Island 1992
11 Margarita Prentice Democratic Renton 1992
12 Linda Evans Parlette Republican Wenatchee 2000
13 Janea Holmquist Republican Moses Lake 2006
14 Curtis King Republican Yakima 2007*
15 Jim Honeyford Republican Sunnyside 1998
16 Mike Hewitt Republican Walla Walla 2000
17 Don Benton Republican Vancouver 1996
18 Joseph Zarelli Republican Ridgefield 1995*
19 Brian Hatfield Democratic Raymond 2006*
20 Dan Swecker Republican Rochester 1995*
21 Paull Shin Democratic Edmonds 1998
22 Karen Fraser Democratic Olympia 1992
23 Phil Rockefeller Democratic Bainbridge Island 2004
24 James Hargrove Democratic Hoquiam 1992
25 Jim Kastama Democratic Puyallup 2000
26 Derek Kilmer Democratic Gig Harbor 2006
27 Debbie Regala Democratic Tacoma 2000
28 Mike Carrell Republican Lakewood 2004*
29 Rosa Franklin Democratic South Tahoma 1992
30 Tracey Eide Democratic Federal Way 1998
31 Pam Roach Republican Auburn 1990
32 Darlene Fairley Democratic Lake Forest Park 1994
33 Karen Keiser Democratic Kent 2000
34 Joe McDermott Democratic West Seattle 2007*
35 Tim Sheldon Democratic Potlatch 1996
36 Jeanne Kohl-Welles Democratic Seattle 1994
37 Adam Kline Democratic Seattle 1996
38 Jean Berkey Democratic Everett 2004*
39 Val Stevens Republican Arlington 1996
40 Kevin Ranker Democratic San Juan Island 2008
41 Randy Gordon Democratic Bellevue 2010*
42 Dale Brandland Republican Bellingham 2002
43 Ed Murray Democratic Seattle 2006
44 Steve Hobbs Democratic Lake Stevens 2006
45 Eric Oemig Democratic Kirkland 2006
46 Ken Jacobsen Democratic Seattle 1998
47 Claudia Kauffman Democratic Kent 2006
48 Rodney Tom Democratic Medina 2006
49 Craig Pridemore Democratic Vancouver 2004

* first elected by county commissioners following the vote of a vacancy committee

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