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A trough on a stock route Australia
A Bills horse trough in Sebastian, Victoria, Australia

A Watering trough (or artificial watering point) is a receptacle for the storage of water so both domestic and non-domestic livestock can obtain drinking water.

In Australia, the watering trough is established so that sheep, cattle and other farmed animals can drink but these watering points also attract non-commercial animals such as Kangaroos therefore special water troughs have been designed to exclude these animals.[1]

Water Troughs were very common in many towns and cities as a means for horses to drink while they were tethered to a post. In 1927 animal lovers, Annis and George Bills, funded the building of up to 500 watering troughs in Australia, Ireland, England and the USA. Many can still be seen today inscribed with Donated by Annis and George Bills Australia[2]

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