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History of the Muslim States

The Wattassids (وطاسيون waṭāsīyūn) or Banû Watâs (بنو الوطاس banū al-waṭās) were an Amazigh dynasty of Kingdom of Fez. They followed the Amazigh Marinids and were followed by the Saadi, also of Amazigh descent.

Like the Marinids, they had their origins in the Berber Zenatas. The two families were related, and the Marinids recruited many viziers from the Wattasids. These viziers assumed the powers of the Sultans, seizing power when the last Marinid, Abu Muhammad Abd al-Haqq, who had massacred many of the Wattasids in 1459, was murdered during a popular revolt in Fez in 1465.

Abu Abd Allah al-Sheikh Muhammad ibn Yahya al-Mahdi was the first Wattasid Sultan, but controlled only the kingdom of Fez in northern Morocco, the south being dominated by the Saadi dynasty.

The Wattasids were finally replaced by the Saadi Dynasty in 1554.



Known Wattasid coins include a few extremely rare gold coins and also square silver dirhams and half dirhams, still following the Almohad standard of roughly 1.5 grams.[1]

The dynasty


Wattasid Viziers

  • 1420-1448 : Abu Zakariya Yahya
  • 1448-1458 : Ali ibn Yusuf
  • 1458-1459 : Yahya ibn Abi Zakariya Yahya

Wattasid Sultans

  • 1472-1504 : Abu Abd Allah al-Sheikh Muhammad ibn Yahya
  • 1504-1526 : Abu Abd Allah al-Burtuqali Muhammad ibn Muhammad
  • 1526-1526 : Abu al-Hasan Abu Hasan Ali ibn Muhammad
  • 1526-1545 : Abu al-Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad
  • 1545-1547 : Nasir ad-Din al-Qasri Muhammad ibn Ahmad
  • 1547-1549 : Abu al-Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad
  • 1554-1554 : Abu al-Hasan Abu Hasun Ali ibn Muhammad
Preceded by
Marinid Dynasty
Wattasid Dynasty
Succeeded by
Saadi Dynasty
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