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Wayland Display Server logo
Original author(s) Kristian Høgsberg
Written in C
Operating system Unix-like
Development status Alpha
Type Display server
License MIT License

Wayland is a lightweight display server for the Linux desktop, with the aim that "every frame is perfect, by which I mean that applications will be able to control the rendering enough that we'll never see tearing, lag, redrawing or flicker".[1][2 ] Wayland was started by Kristian Høgsberg, a software engineer working for Red Hat, maker of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) an Operating System.

Wayland uses existing technologies in the Linux kernel such as the Direct Rendering Manager (DRM), kernel mode-setting (KMS) and the Graphics Execution Manager (GEM) batchbuffer in order to provide a minimal display server. [3] [4 ]

Wayland is free software released under the terms of the MIT License.[5]


Media attention

Wayland was originally revealed as a new project via Phoronix when an article was released titled "Wayland: A New X Server For Linux", [1] Kristian responded to the media attention through his blog informing people that Wayland is not a new X server, but a new display server, noting that it is a young project that was premature.[6 ][7 ]

Potential Usage

Wayland is currently a developing technology that is not known to be in use. Wayland is not currently seen as being able to replace the X server, but has other potential uses such as hosting X servers and GDM logins.[2 ]

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