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We Will Be Dead Tomorrow is the second album by UK sludgecore band Raging Speedhorn.

We Will Be Dead Tomorrow
Studio album by Raging Speedhorn
Released August 15, 2002
Recorded ??
Genre Sludgecore
Length 54:11
Label ZTT
Producer William Graziadei
Professional reviews
Raging Speedhorn chronology
Raging Speedhorn
We Will Be Dead Tomorrow
Live and Demos

Track listing

  1. "The Hate Song"
  2. "Scrapin' The Resin"
  3. "Me and You Man"
  4. "Scaramanga"
  5. "Chronic Youth"
  6. "Iron Cobra"
  7. "Heartbreaker"
  8. "Fuck the Voodooman"
  9. "Spitting Blood"
  10. "Welcome to Shitsville"
  11. "Ride With the Devil"
    Bonus track (Japanese edition)
  12. "My War" (Black Flag cover)


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