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Web may refer to:


  • Spider web, a mesh built by a spider, composed of spider silk and usually used for trapping prey
  • Interdigital webbing, skin membranes between the digits of semiaquatic mammals


  • World Wide Web or "the Web", a hypertext system that operates over the Internet
    • WorldWideWeb, the world's first Web browser
    • Web 2.0, a perceived transition of the Web from a collection of Web sites to a full-fledged computing platform serving Web applications
    • Web.com, a public company that offers websites and other services for small businesses and consumers
  • WEB, a computer programming system created by Donald Knuth to implement literate programming
  • Webs (web hosting), a website which allows users to create free websites


Television, radio and film

  • The Web (film), a film noir
  • The Web (TV series), a mystery/suspense anthology series
  • Web (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit), an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
  • Webs (film), a 2003 sci-fi movie
  • The Web ReBoot, a form of space in the Reboot universe where concentrated, fragmented data gives home to dangerous creatures, storms, and causes degradation in those not of the Web
  • West End Broadcast (WeB FM), a radio station in Newcastle, England, that was a forerunner of NE1fm


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WEB (a word common to Teutonic languages, cf. Du. webbe, Dan. vaev, Ger. Gewebe, all from the Teutonic wabh-to weave), that which is woven (see Weaving). The word is thus applied to anything resembling a web of cloth, to the vexillum of the feather of a bird, to the membrane which connects the toes of many aquatic birds and some aquatic mammals; it is particu - larly used of the "cobweb," the net spun by the spider, the Old English name for which was dtor-coppe, i.e. poison-head (dtor, poison, and coppe, tuft or head). In architecture the term "web" is sometimes given, in preference to "panel," to the stone shell of a vault resting on the ribs and taking its winding surface from the same; see Vault.

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  1. (informal) The World Wide Web.


  • Anagrams of bew
  • WBE


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Web m.

  1. The Web; the World Wide Web.

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Web can mean several things

A word used for the internet hence World Wide Web (WWW.)

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