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Web Design Lists and Tables
This page is part of the Web Design project.

While HTML is primarily concerned with semantic formatting of the content of a document, and less concerned with its style, there are situations where the meaning of some text is denoted by its presentation. Tables are widely used to organize the text visually on the screen, showing a relationship of some kind and demonstrating the meaning of the text. This activity will:

  • Familiarize you with tables and lists in html.

It will be assumed you:

  • Can identify HTML elements, attributes and their values.

This activity is not designed to:

  • Give a comprehensive list of elements, attributes or their accepted values.
  • Discuss document type, the meta element, or comments.



HTML allows you to easily set apart lists from the rest of your content with one of three different list types: Unordered (bulleted), ordered (numbered) and definition lists. Different kinds of lists can be nested to form an outline.


Unordered List

The unordered, or bulleted, list is formed using two elements. The list itself is defined using an unordered list element, and each item is marked using a list item element:


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