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Welcome to the Rileys
Directed by Jake Scott
Produced by Ridley Scott
Tony Scott
Scott Bloom
Giovanni Agnelli
Michael Costigan
Written by Ken Hixon
Starring James Gandolfini
Kristen Stewart
Melissa Leo
Release date(s) TBA
Country United States
Language English

Welcome to the Rileys is an upcoming American independent drama film directed by Jake Scott, written by Ken Hixon, and starring Kristen Stewart, James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo. The film debuted at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.[1]




Filming took place in New Orleans in late Fall 2008.[2] Kristen Stewart plays Mallory, a sixteen year-old prostitute. James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo play a grieving couple named the Rileys.


Since the death of his daughter, Doug Riley (James Gandolfini) begins to commit adultery with a waitress named Vivian, while his wife Lois (Melissa Leo) withholds a secret about their daughter Emily's death. From this guilt, she never ventures outside her house. When Vivian dies, Doug is devastated. In New Orleans' French Quarter, Doug finds himself in a strip club when he meets a sixteen year old prostitute named Mallory (Kristen Stewart). Doug calls Lois to inform her he will not be returning home. Lois finally leaves her house to reunite with Doug. When she arrives, she is horrified, but is also taken by Mallory's unusual resemblance to Emily. Lois precedes to move in. But Mallory does not wish to give up her life as a prostitute.[citation needed]


The film screened at the 2010 Sundance film festival to positive reviews.

Roger Ebert said, "One of the buzz champs of Sundance 2010. Gandolfini demonstrates that although he may not be conventionally handsome, when he smiles his face bathes you in the urge to like him. Kristen Stewart here is tougher even than her punk rocker in 'The Runaways.' Who knew she had these notes? I'm discovering an important new actress." [3]

Anthony Breznican of USA Today said, “Kristen Stewart's shocking depiction of a self-destructive 16-year-old stripper/prostitue in Welcome to the Rileys is bound to scandalize. Those who prefer her only as Twilight's lovestruck Bella may be shocked, while others who know her more nuanced work in films such as Adventureland will see a fearless new side of the actress confirmed. Stewart deserves credit for taking the risk of playing this part. It's a shockingly sexual performance...For an actress like Stewart, it would be easy to play it safe. Knock out a romantic comedy or a Nicholas Sparks weepie while the vampire cash keeps rolling in from Twilight sequels. Instead, Stewart is challenging herself, and moviegoers, too." [4]

Roger Friedman of The Hollywood Reporter said, “We got to see James Gandolfini continue his whacking of Tony Soprano in a fine new drama called “Welcome to the Rileys.” Gandolfini and Melissa Leo turn in superb performances as a couple who’ve lost their 15-year-old daughter, Kristen Stewart, she of “Twilight” fame, is also very good as a teen prostitute whom the couple befriends. The film is directed by Jake Scott, son of Ridley, nephew of Tony, and he shows that he’s inherited the family gene." [5]


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