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Julia Gillard Kylie Minogue
Billy Hughes Rolf Harris
Notable Welsh Australians:

Julia Gillard (top left) . Billy Hughes (bottom left) . Kylie Minogue (top right). Rolf Harris (bottom right) . Dannii Minogue . Naomi Watts . James Atkin, Baron Atkin
Total population
113,242 (by ancestry, 2006)

25,317 (by birth, 2006).[2]


English and Welsh


Christianity (mostly Anglicanism and Presbyterianism)

Related ethnic groups

Welsh, Welsh Argentine, Welsh American, Welsh Canadian

Welsh Australians are citizens of Australia whose ancestry originates in the northwest European nation of Wales (which is part of the United Kingdom).


Number of Welsh Australians

According to the 2006 Australian census 25,317 Australian residents were born in Wales,[2] while 113,242 (0.44%) claimed Welsh ancestry, either alone or with another ancestry.[1]

The name Jones, which is often considered distinctively Welsh, is one of most-common surnames in Australia, accounting for over 1% of Australians, which suggests a higher rate of Welsh ancestry than indicated by self-identification.

Welsh emigration to Australia

It is believed that the eastern coast of Australia reminded Captain James Cook of the coast of South Wales (especially the Vale of Glamorgan coast, which he knew), hence the name he gave to it, "New South Wales". The first European colony in Australia was in New South Wales, beginning with the First Fleet of 1788. Welsh people numbered amongst these first settlers, and continued to arrive in the new colony through the British policy of penal transportation that was implemented for many criminal acts.

A gold rush began in Australia in the early 1850s, and the Eureka Stockade rebellion in 1854 was an early expression of nationalist sentiment. Amongst its leaders was the Welsh-born Chartist John Basson Humffray, one of a significant group of immigrants that came over from Wales at this time.

Mass emigration from Wales to Australia got under way in the early 20th century with New South Wales and Victoria being particularly popular destinations. It is also said that around 20% of the population of New South Wales are at least partly Welsh descented. In the early twentieth-century most of the Welsh settlers were farmers, but later on there was emigration by coal miners to coalfields.

List of notable Welsh-Australians

name Born - Died Notable for Connection with Australia Connection with Wales
James Atkin, Baron Atkin, known as Lord Atkin of Aberdovey 1867-1944 lawyer and judge born Australia grew up in Wales from age 4; always thought of himself as Welsh
John Beard 1943- artist now working in Australia born Wales
Julia Gillard 1961- politician arrived Australia at age 5 born Wales
Rolf Harris 1930- entertainer born Australia parents Welsh
Billy Hughes 1862-1952- Prime Minister of Australia migrated to Australia 1884 parents Welsh
Dannii Minogue 1971- singer and entertainer born Australia mother born Wales
John McCarthy 1967- Australian rules footballer migrated to Australia born Wales
Kylie Minogue 1968- singer and actress born Australia mother born Wales
Alf Morgans 1850-1933 Premier of Western Australia moved to Western Australia in 1896 born Wales
Naomi Watts 1968- actress moved to Australia at age 14; grandmother was Australian lived Wales age 7-15; mother's parents Welsh

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  • Lloyd, Lewis. (1988) Australians from Wales Caernarfon: Gwynedd Archives. ISBN 0901337471


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