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Low Franconian

Low Franconian/Ripuarian

Low Saxon

West Flemish
Westvlams, Vlaemsch
Spoken in  Belgium
Region West Flanders
Total speakers ~1.06 million speakers
Language family Indo-European
Language codes
ISO 639-1 None
ISO 639-2 gem
ISO 639-3 vls

West Flemish (West Flemish: Westvlams, Dutch: West-Vlaams, French: flamand occidental) is a group of Dutch dialects spoken in parts of the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

West Flemish is spoken by around 1.05 million people in West Flanders (in Belgium), 90,000 in the neighbouring Dutch coastal district of Zeelandic Flanders, and approximately 20,000 in the northern part of the French département of Nord where it is classified, as a recognized dialect of Dutch, as one of the languages of France. Some of the main cities where West Flemish is widely spoken include Bruges, Kortrijk, Ostend, Roeselare and Ypres.

The dialects of the rest of the Dutch province of Zeeland, Zeelandic, are sometimes also included in West Flemish although this classification is controversial. The dialects of Zeelandic Flanders however do count as West and East Flemish variants. In fact, both dialects are linked by a dialect continuum which proceeds further north into Hollandic.

Geographical location of West Flemish (colour: sandy) among the other minority and regional languages and dialects of the Benelux countries

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West Flemish (comparative more West Flemish, superlative most West Flemish)

West Flemish

more West Flemish

most West Flemish

  1. From or relating to West Flanders, the westernmost Belgian province, in the western part of the historic countship of Flanders
  2. In or relating to the West Flemish dialects

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Proper noun

West Flemish

  1. A group of Flemish dialects of the Dutch language in the western part of the historic countship of Flanders (now in Belgium and France)



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