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The 1st German federal election, 1949, was conducted on August 14, 1949, to elect members to the Bundestag (lower house) of West Germany. This was the first free election conducted in Germany since Hitler became Chancellor.


Issues and Campaign


A number of members (2 CDU, 5 SPD, 1 FDP) indirectly elected by the Berlin legislature are not included in the totals below. The Saarland did not participate in this election.

Party Party List votes Vote percentage Total Seats Seat percentage
Social Democratic Party (SPD) 6,934,975 29.2% 131 32.6%
Christian Democratic Union (CDU)* 5,978,636 25.2% 115 28.6%
Free Democratic Party (FDP)* 2,829,920 11.9% 52 12.9%
Christian Social Union (CSU)* 1,380,448 5.8% 24 6.0%
Communist Party (KPD) 1,361,706 5.7% 15 3.7%
Bavaria Party (BP) 986,478 4.2% 17 4.2%
German Party (DP)* 939,934 4.0% 17 4.2%
German Center Party (DZP) 727,505 3.1% 10 2.5%
Coalition for Economic Reconstruction (WAV) 681,888 2.9% 12 3.0%
German Reich Party (DRP) 391,127 1.8% 5 1.2%
All Others 1,519,781 6.2% 4 1.0%
Totals 23,732,398 100.0% 402 100.0%

*These parties formed a coalition after the election.


Konrad Adenauer became the first Chancellor, forming a coalition between the CDU/CSU, FDP, and DP.




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